By Kraven: The She-Wolf

      The modern view of the zombie today
is that of a mindless, lumbering, eating
machine with little control of what they are
or what they do. This model was started
with the 1968 horror classic Night of The
Living Dead and has carried over to nearly
all zombie movies ever since. Now of the four zombie inspired TV show currently on the air: The Walking
Dead, Z-Nation and the Walking Dead spin-off, Fear The Walking Dead, they all follow the same George
Romero school of zombies mold that was set forth with Night of The Living Dead.

      However, one of the four zombie shows on the
air today play to an all new zombie mythology and in
an all new way. I-Zombie, based on the comic book
series by Chris Roberson, take the monster we all
know and flips the scrip turning the zombie into the
victim and not the mindless flesh eater that we know
from the other three series. The show follows former
medical resident Liv Moore who when attending a
party where people are  trying a new designer drug
called Utopium and are turned into wild, crazed
zombies. Within the mayhem, Liv is simply scratch-
ed by one of the newly turned madmen and soon thereafter finds that she has no pulse, her hair has turned
white and her skin pale. Liv has become a zombie…..but not what you may think.

      Very unlike most zombie stereotypes, Liv has
all of her human wits about her, she’s not a mindless
lumbering monster looking to feed upon the living
and she knows just what she has become. The only
hitch is that she must eat human brains or she will
turn into a mindless classic zombie and start killing.
Taking a job as a coroner assistant in the King
County Medical Office, she dines on the brains of
the already dead. The fun part here is that after Liv
eats a brain, she takes on the personality and traits
of that person along with some of the last things they saw when alive in the form of visions that she gets.

      It’s that power that gives Liv a job working with a police
detective, who until the third season, never knew that she
was a member of the living dead. Together they seek out
homicides that no one else can figure out. The real charm
in this show is that besides being written smartly with just
the right mix of horror and wit to keep the viewers coming
back for more, that like Buffy did so long ago, holds a great
balance of funny bits with some real intense moments in

      Likewise for the rest of the cast too……where they are funny, scary and oh so rich in individual
personality character. If you were a fan of the CW show Reaper from a few years ago, you know what I
mean and would like this series. The zombie horror does show itself though when Liv is upset, under
stress or starving will bring on a full on zombie mode where her eyes turn red and she loses control of
herself. In this form, Liv gains increased strength and speed that comes in handy if under attack. Being
already dead, Liv and other zombies like her can’t be killed unless burned or beheaded.

      By the third season, other zombie characters rose to show that there is an underground zombie
movement to hide from the humans who hunt them and to try and unite their kind. Unlike the other zombie
shows running on the networks, I-Zombie has a whole new way at looking at these creatures as more than
just eating and feeding monsters. If you have not seen this show running on the CW network, you should.
This show gives these creatures a little more depth than the others due to the fact that they are seen as full
on characters.