By Kraven: The She-Wolf

      When we think of witches, we normally
think of old creepy hags with pointed hats
and long crooked noses with warts and all.
Witches are not young, pretty and sweet, let
alone fight evil creatures, demons and warlocks
…..or do they? In the TV series Charmed, that
was such the case! The long running series about three sisters, who after learning that their family dynasty
was built on that fact that they in fact come from a long, long line of witches, they are just the next
generation of the Halliwell family to fight evil and protect the innocent from harm.

      The Halliwell sisters Prue, Piper, Phoebe and later in the series
Paige, each charmed with a power of their very own. Prue, the oldest
sister, had the gift of telekinesis, the ability to move objects with the
power of her mind. Piper had the power freeze time at will and their
baby sister Phoebe, the gift of premonition and to see future events
before they happened. Later when a fourth sister was added after
the death of Prue, Paige being half angel held the power of teleportation.

      Together the twenty something sisters with the aid of their powerful spells from the Book of Shadows,
would face down evil demons, warlock and other creatures such as a Wendigo, hell hounds and even the
headless horseman among a host of other deadly creatures. What set this show apart from other horror
genre shows was that it didn’t really see itself as a horror series per say. The true charm of the series was
the sisters themselves as they tried to maintain their normal lives of work, dating, and the relationship with
each other all while fighting evil each week. While some never saw this as a horror series, it still dealt with
very dark creatures with very evil overtones among the more light hearted and true test of their witch hood
as they tried to balance their lives as good witches and still find time to have relationships with friends,
lovers and each other.

      The sisters and their good deeds were over saw by their guiding
angel Leo, a white-lighter sent to protect the girls and help them in
their fight on evil. Later, Piper and Leo wed and had two children
ending the Halliwell long standing tradition that only the Halliwell
witches be girls as the kids turned out to be boys. You see in the
Halliwell family, only girls are born to carry on the name and their
witch powers to protect the world from the evil forces that lurk in
the dark. The birth of the two sons would change the family line
for the better as they grow up and be the next generation of Halliwell
witches to carry on the family protection.

      Charmed ran on the then WB network from 1998 to 2006 making it the seconded longest running
horror genre series in history only behind Supernatural (yes, even longer than Buffy!) and reruns of the
show can be seen every day on the TNT network in the mornings. The fact that like Bewitched or Sabrina
The Teenage Witch came before that, the witches of Charmed were not evil old hags, but good witches
doing good things and helping people in every way they could. The old stereotype of what a witch should
be with a black cat, black hat and evil intent is so much removed here and a new much nicer witch revised
stereotype for a new generation is now the staple on how these wonderful beings are viewed.