By Kraven: The She-Wolf

    When it comes to The Devil himself appearing
on TV, there is little to go by.  Sure the dark one
has been in bit recurring roles like on the long
lived series Supernatural or Lost but Satan has
never really made his mark as the main star of a
series.  He came close though as the costar of a
few series like Reaper, Brimstone and even had a part in the short lived series The Messengers but the
Devil as the main protagonist and NOT the antagonist has never really been explored…..that is until now!

    The Devil has at last got his due in the way of a new series on FOX that premiered as a mid-season
replacement in January 2016. The series called Lucifer tells the story of the fallen angel who after
spending thousands of years reigning over Hell decides that it’s time to take a vacation and leaves Hell.
So where does The Lord of Darkness take his retreat? Why in the City of Angels of coarse…..LA.

    Once shedding his wings, Lucifer Morningstar becomes
a nightclub owner along with one of his trusted demons called
Maze to tend bar the once Lord of Hell now fully integrates
himself into his new world. But Big Daddy (God) is not to
happy that his son who is suppose to be punishing the worlds
wicked down in Hell is now running around on Earth drinking,
having fun and playing nookie with Earth’s women. So while
Lucifer is having the time of his life on Earth, God sends one
of his angels to get his wayward son back where he belongs
in Hell. Not wishing to return to the pits of Hell, Lucifer tells him no and while his brother tries to get The
Devil back to Hell, Lucifer befriends a young beautiful homicide detective named Chloe Decker and starts
helping her find the bad guys.

    With a plot like this, it can only go one of two ways……
really really bad or amazingly good. And for fans of this
show (and I’m one of them), this is a fun little show that
although not a comedy is very funny at times and still has
just enough horror to keep viewers tuning in each week.
Lucifer Morningstar himself is very cosmetic, attractive and
nothing like the evil monster that he is seen as in other de-
pictions. Like Lucifer tells his detective partner when a rash
of murders are committed in the name of The Devil, Lucifer
says “Why do people think of me like this, I’m not evil…..I punish evil. Why am I blamed for all of humanities
wicked doings?” Seems as though The Devil has had a bad press agent.

    The new FOX series now entering its second season is based on the comic book series of the same
name published by DC Comics off shoot Vertigo. This very new look at The Devil started in the pages of
the comic series The Sandman and soon he got his own spinoff book until FOX television took a chance
and green lit the comic as a new TV series. Due to the show’s hero…..per-say many people protested the
show’s production and tried to get the series killed before it even saw the light of day. They bitched about
how can Satan be the hero of a TV series and do good things? Really! What they don’t think about is that
Satan…..AKA Lucifer is in-fact an angel not a red skinned horned monster that he is shown to be in 16th,
century artwork. In the series, Lucifer was put in charge of Hell by God to watch over the wicked and to
punish them accordingly. So as the show goes, we humans have the wrong impression of The Devil.