Scream Queens

By Kraven: The She-Wolf

Funny as it is scary, the new series Scream Queens
made its premiere on the FOX network in the fall of
2015. The series followed a small group of college
girls as they date, go to parties…..and oh yeah, run for
their lives from a serial killer known as the Red Devil.
The killer, him…..or herself is unknown to the viewer
as well as to the boys and girls the Red Devil is trying to murder. The mixture of horror and comedy in this
show is really what makes this show fun as the girls try to figure out who is the Red Devil and why is he,
she or they is killing everyone they know.

The series stars horror vet Jamie Lee Curtis, best known for her role in
the Halloween series of films as she does battle with the masked killer
Michael Myers. Now she is the house mother to a home of rich bitch
flat girls called the Chanel’s, named after their snob leader Chanel
Oberlin played by Emma Roberts. As the girls are hunted down and
killed one by one, the fun really starts as the blood starts to flow.

The killer, the Red Devil is really the school’s sports mascot and so the
killer could be anyone running around in the outfit. The get up itself is
that of a classic devil appearance, horned, red flowing cape and devil
mask. Later in the series, we discover that there is in fact
more than one killer on the loose playing the Red Devil as
they take out a group of football players with chainsaws.

Season One of Scream Queens took place at the fictional
Wallace University where the cast were made up of students.
Now that same cast takes on an all new storyline that will be
taking place in a hospital with all the same zany characters
from season one returning once again to face a killer at large.

Few horror TV shows can pull off the funny and the frightening together but this series pulls it off and is a lot
of fun. If you had not seen this show, do so because you will enjoy it.