Terror Tube: Friday the
13th The Series

By Kraven: The She Wolf

   In 1987, a new TV series hit the airways.  Long before Buffy, The Walking Dead
and Grimm, this show set the standard for a horror series.  It was the first show to
have a group of people seeking out evil and fighting it with the power of good.  
The show may have taken its name from a series of films of the same title but
make no mistake, Friday The 13th The series was not about a killer in a hockey

   Created by Frank Mancuso, producer
from the Friday The 13th movie franchise,
this take was not about one single killer but
about three people who live in an antique
shop searching for cursed objects that
were sold to the public by a man named
Louis who made a deal with the devil.  Now
the cursed antiques are killing the people
who found them and it will take two cousins name Micki and Ryan and an old
friend of Louis named Jack to stop the killer objects.

   Each episode had the three seeking out a new killer antique before more
people died from being around them.  The objects themselves could be anything
from a glove, an old stage cape to even a simple tea cup.  You name it….. it killed
someone until the thing was found and placed within a vault deep within the
basement of the store.

   Friday The 13th The Series ran for 3
seasons from 1987 to 1990 with an impres-
sive 72 episodes altogether.  It starred John
D. LeyMay, Chris Wiggings and Louise
Robey but was only billed in the opening
credits as Robey.  Before the show ever
aired, it was to be called The 13th Hour but
its producer wanted to tap into the fame of
the Friday The 13th films which at the time
were going pretty strong.  The title gave an
idea to fans of the show that at some point
Jason Voohees may make a showing.  He never did and the show and the film
series never crossed paths.  However some cast members from the films did show
up for some episodes but didn’t play the same cast members that faced Jason.

   As I said before, this show set the mold for horror TV to come.  Until this series,
the only horror program where someone hunted something of evil was Kolchak:
The Night Stalker, ironically 13 years before. (Get it?)  It would set the theme for a
cast who hunt monsters and other evil things long before Buffy, Supernatural and
Grimm came along and use the same idea for this shows.

   Today Friday The 13th The Series can still be enjoyed.  In recent years, it has
been shown on both The Sy/Fy Channel and the Chiller network.  If you have
never seen this show or worst yet never heard of it because maybe your too
young to have seen it in its first run or you missed it in its re-runs, check it out
online or on DVD if available.  It will be worth you search.