Terror Tube: Grimm...The
Hit Series is No Fairytale

By Kraven: The She-Wolf

    Rarely...very rarely will a show about mon-
sters make it on one of the big 3 TV networks
such as NBC.  Networks like these sometimes do
make the attempt to bring genre shows to the air-
waves but more often than not, it only sees a few
weeks on air or if very luckily one full season....
maybe.  The X-Files on Fox and Lost on ABC were the few that made it a full
series and both ran a good number of years.  The classic series and the
granddaddy of all horror related series The Night Stalker ran for only one year in
1974 and its 2005 re-boot didn't even last more than a few weeks before it was
pulled and killed off.  But one show that does have monsters is doing remarkably
well for the network NBC, who are best know for cop and law shows like Law &
Order and the like.  But one show did beat the odds and has now ran for two
seasons.  That show is Grimm and proves that genre shows with monsters don't
have to be sent to the sidelines of networks like The CW or AMC or even HBO.  
NBC took a chance on a monster series and has hit paydirt with this hit series

    Grimm follows the stories of Homicide Detective
Nick Burkhardt who discovers that he is one in a long
line of creature hunters called Grimms who are the
descendants of the story tellers The Brother Grimm.  
Turns out that the good old brothers didn't just tell
stories but they were re-telling the truth about human-
ity and the creatures that live among us just out of sight
of the norm.  Now trying to mix his cop life with his new
found task of fighting the evil hidden creatures and hop-
ing no one in his life learn the truth. Although many of
the sub-humans that Nick ends up hunting are indeed
evil and all around bad people or monsters, if you will,
hidden in human form, not all creature races are all bad.
Many are just good people trying to make their way in
life and harm no one.. in fact in their world Nick is the villain..... the Boogeyman
they fear.  Grimms are known to hunt and kill ALL creatures good, bad or other
and Nick sees this as a blight about his descendants and in fact helps protect
those who live without hurting others.

    Helping Nick in his new found life as a Grimm is Monroe, a Wieder Blutbad or
werewolf if you will, who not only becomes Nick’s friend but acts as almost a
mentor and schools him on the different races of creatures and informs him on
who’s good and who to watch out for.  

    On the other side of the coin is Nick’s very human Homicide partner Hank, who
Nick tries in vain to hide his new found Grimm life from.  By the time season two
came on line Hank discovered the truth about his partner and now with his full
help, the two track and put down the most evil of the creature world foes.  Also
kept in the dark about Nick’s other life is his live-in girlfriend Juliette, who like Hank
in season one, knows nothing of the underworld living all around them.

    The creatures of Grimm are taken with great care and the writers, make-up
and CGI effects people really do a good job bringing a whole world of beasts into
the light and onto one of NBC’s biggest shows.  Taking many of the creature’s
names from old world myths and stories from the Grimm brothers itself, the many
monsters really do seem as though they could move among us in our cities and
towns and be hidden away in their own little underworld.  With season 3 already
set,  fans of the show are happy to have this new and very fresh series part of the
last two seasons lineup.