Terror Tube: Rise of
"The Walking Dead"
TV Series

By Kraven: The She-

   Dark Shadows, Buffy, Forever Knight, True Blood, Kindred The Embrace and
The Vampire Diaries along with a host of other vampire related TV series have
crawled their way out of the graves and onto the television landscape.  Not as
many TV appearances but the Werewolf too has had his way with TV viewers with
Teen Wolf: The Series, Wolf Lake, She-Wolf of London and Werewolf the land
mark series from 1987.  Some shows even cross over with both creatures as do
True Blood and Vampire Diaries but one monster has always missed getting its
own TV series.  Yeah sure we have seen this creature form Buffy to Being Human
and many others but the zombie has always just missed getting its own TV show.  
No series with the living dead as its main star.  Within the last ten years, maybe
hundreds of zombie movies have hit the TV and movie theaters and endless titles
with the words Dead in it but still no television presence of the undead walking
creatures.....until now.

   On Halloween night 2010, the world got to view the first network zombie TV
series when The Walking Dead hit cable television from the AMC network.  The
show was the ending point of their horror movie marathon Fear Fest and used the
horror festival as the jumping point of this ground breaking new series.  Only six
episodes were produced with no one knowing if a stand alone zombie series could
be a hit.  The creature was doing very well in film but can a show about the living
dead pull in views.  It did and became the AMCs networks biggest hit.

   Based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead like so
many other zombie films picks up its story soon after the world is over ran by
walking killing living corpses right out of the mold made by the grand daddy of all
zombie film Night of The Living Dead.  The story of the end of the world told in that
one movie has carried over to almost every zombie film since and although you
would think that this idea would be over done to death....so to speak.... the
thought of a Earth where the living dead walk and people run, hide and fight to not
become one of the walking dead is so good that it never gets old.  Everyone likes
a story where people fight to survive and a story idea like this one just gets better
and better even though we have seen it all time after time...its still great story

   One thing that this show has over any movie of the same nature is that unlike a
film with a run time of maybe two hours at best and they have to fill that time with
lots of zombie action and kills to make it an entertaining movie, the advantage of a
TV series is it gives each main member of the show’s cast lots of things to do, lots
of non-zombie drama and we get to know each one so much more in depth than in
any movie where just as you get to know someone they are eaten.  On The
Walking Dead, with it being an ongoing series, we get to know the cast in much
more depth and root for them, pray for them until they too are eaten alive
screaming out as the dead rip their skin from their bones and feed before the
dying eyes.

   With the Walking Dead, much in the same vein as the series Lost did in its 6
seasons you never know from week to week who will fall to the feeding of a
zombie.  Any other TV series out there has its main cast, the people you know....
no mater what will always make it to the end of the show and be in the next.  Not
so for The Walking Dead, like with Lost...from show to show even the main cast
can die and do.  And I mean very main members of the cast get eaten by the
roaming monsters seeking human flesh.  There are times where even I said "Holy
Shit!  Did they really kill off him or her."  Also adding to the shock value is the
amazing amount of TV gore that this show has.  It holds nothing back and I do
mean nothing.  People are just ripped apart by the dead and nothing is hidden
you see it all in its bloody glory.  This show is even more bloody then most R rated
movies and always makes me say to myself "Holy Shit....did I ready just see that
guy get torn a part alive by the hungry dead?"  This is not a show for the little
ones indeed.

   Now in its third season, The Walking Dead is just hitting the surface on its gore
meter too with not only sick zombie attacks on humans but the amount of violence
put to the dead as well.  Head chops, brain whacks and shotgun decapitations are
all the norm here and each one of the cast members have done their share of
killing the dead more than once in this world gone mad.  AMC has already said
that their would be a 4th season coming in the fall of 2013.

   .......And if you didn't get enough of the show itself...then after the hour long
series is a show called The Talking Dead with host Chris Hardwick who talks about
that weeks episode with sometimes members of the cast or crew of the series or
fans of the show itself.  It’s a fun show as you get to know some of the little ins and
outs of the series production.  The best part of The Talking Dead is when they do
a flash back of all of that weeks zombie kills one after the other and we get to
relive it all....Fun stuff!

   Will The Walking Dead remain the only network TV series?  Maybe not now that
it has been shown that the dead can hold their own series and make it work.  With
only six episodes for its first season testing the bloody waters to see if the idea
even worked, then 13 episodes added for season 2 and now 16 full episodes
were added for season 3, the series is showing no signs of slowing down.  Well
until everyone is at last eaten alive that is.