Terror Tube 2012: Rise of The TV Series Supernatural

By Kraven: The She Wolf

  In 2005, a new TV series hit the airways and landed on the WB network now
called The CW.  The show was called simply Supernatural and told the story of
two brothers who hunted monsters for a living.  Sounds like nothing new...nothing
to just a round about...nothing that would last ...oh maybe a season or two.  Buffy
was already gone from the airwaves and Charmed was nearing its eight year run
when this little show made its debut.  Now I mind you...this show was not alone...oh
no.  That falls lineup of TV shows had a good amount of genre series invading
your TV.  Shows like Surface, Invasion, Threshold and the remake of the classic
series The Night Stalker now just called Night Stalker all came out the same time
as Supernatural.  Well they are all gone now, all killed off their networks by
seasons end.  Hell Night Stalker was so damn bad it didn't even make it to the end
of the season before it got the axe.  However, in this horror genre apocalypse,
one show and one show alone stood all alone and lived on to make season two.  
That show was Supernatural.

  Created by Eric Kripke who tried for years pitching his series idea to all the
networks who all didn't want it at last found a home for his show after almost ten
years.  The pilot was seen by 5.65 million people and with just four episodes
shown to fans the WB picked up the new series for a full run season.  The shows
own creator Kripke only saw the series running only five seasons and then ending
it.  After all, most TV shows today, after five years start running out of gas and
some live well past the time they should have ended.  By five years, like in the
case of the once very big hit Miami Vice after its fifth year it was more than done.  
So went the plan for Eric Kripke but something happened in the five years since
Supernatural made its debut.  Instead of running out of gas as all other series,
Supernatural gained even more and more fans and the show got bigger and
bigger.  So much so that The network said after season five that they wanted the
show to go on.....something no network ever wants with an aging series.  And yet
they said to Kripke "Oh no..we want this show to go on into season 6 and so on.  
Even the shows own creator said no and left the series as its show-runner.  But as
they say the show went on.....and want on indeed.

  On the April 26 People's Choice Awards, guess what, Supernatural won two
awards.  One for Best Sci'Fi Fantasy series and best drama series.  That means
that Supernatural.... a little show about two brothers who hunt monsters beat out
all the CSI shows, all the Law and Order serie,s all the NCIS series, all the doctor
shows, all the cop shows and everything else that is on television.  Not bad for a
little show about two brothers who hunt monsters.  And one big ass high five to all
horror genre fans out there.  Sadly the network that aired this award show didn't
air Supernatural winning these awards on stage.  My guess was some old farts
who only likes cop shows and run the awards show didn't like the fact that a series
about brothers who hunt monsters was worth airing their winning moment.  But it
did win off air and it won big...really fucking big!!  And that little show about two
brothers who hunt monsters was the number one show as far as the peoples
choice went.  And the people have spoken.

  Now this fall, Supernatural enters its eighth season 2012-2013 and fans of the
show can't be more delighted.  Running along side it are The Vampire Diaries,
also on the CW network and horror series Grimm sadly at the same time as
Supernatural (record Grimm) its good too, The Walking Dead and True Blood.  
Yes horror TV is going well in the 21st Century and Supernatural is leading the
pack as now the longest running horror series on TV and showing no signs of
slowing down.