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Blood Moon Rising Presents: Blood Fest 14 & Krampus Con
AL J. Vermette

 It’s rare that we produce two back to back events like the two we did just weeks ago. The last time I
paired an event after Blood Fest was four years ago with Blood Fest 10 followed just days later with
Scream for Halloween 2. This year, the events were not that close together but we did manage to do two
live events this year. Right after Blood Fest 14 was over, I started to work on Krampus Con, an event that I
had wanted to do for a year now but didn’t have the venue to pull it off. In fact, I had the flyer for the show
designed a year before we even planed the event but liked that I designed in the mock-up and wanted to
see it through.

 Blood Fest 14 went on at the same location it had for the past ten years, the Queens Public Library in
Flushing, New York. Krampus Con on the other hand played at Blood Fest’s original venue back in 2003
at the Darress Theater in Boonton, New Jersey. Both shows would feature rock bands like Stir Crazy for
Blood Fest 14 and The Danger Days for Krampus Con. Both events also featured the talents of magician
Justin Illusion.

 For this year at Blood Fest, we had forsaken our Haunted Tunnel leading into the theater and replaced it
with an entire Haunted House designed by myself and constructed with the help BMR editor D.W. Jones
and his son Danny. The Haunted House room was a big hit as there were flying ghosts projected upon the
walls over the graveyard and lit up jack o’ lanterns in the pumpkin patch complete with a scarecrow. Other
highlights in the Haunted House were projections of dancing skeletons, and a skeleton family sitting
overseeing the entire show.

 Krampus Con, although light on attendance due to what I learned afterward there were two other
Krampus events running the same time and night as us who took the hardcore Krampus fans, but we were
treated to the vendors that join us that night. Barbara Phillips from The Gourmet Cookie is there along with
Jolee Chui with her super cool ladies nail tips from Color Street and Jessica Manco with her Krampus tree
balls and paintings.

 All photos of both events along with videos were performed by Danny Jones who with his skill behind the
camera captured both events to their fullest. You can see all of his photos here in this write up of both
Blood Fest 14 Pics
Krampus Con Pics
Scenes from our haunted house and graveyard area (above and below)
Justin Illusion performing his act for the packed audience
Stir Crazy performing 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot'
Dark Soul hosting Blood Fest 14
Scenes from Krampus Con at the Darress Theater in Boonton NJ
Several Krampus creatures attacking unsuspecting visitors at Krampus Con
The Danger Days performing 'Jesse's Girl'
Justin Illusion performing for an intimate crowd
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