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The Omen: 40 Years of The Anti-Christ

By William Henry Pratt

In 1976 a new evil was unleashed upon the world. His name is was
Damien, the very spawn of the Devil himself. Like Jesus Christ, the
Anti-Christ was born human and raised by human parents who
cared for their child like any doting mother and father. Only unlike
most children and very unlike the Son of God, the child of Satan
brought fear and death wherever he went. Spanning over four films,
a remake and a TV series, the story of Damien Thorn is one of self-
discovery, growing pains and murder.

The world was first introduced to this Son of Satan in 1976 with the
first of a trilogy of films with the Thorn child as it central character. As
a young mother to be losses her baby in child birth, the grieving
father is given the chance to spare his wife’s loss by switching in
another child just born to replace his dead son. This child, unknown
to the mother, is not the sweet little baby that she thinks he is and in
fact this baby was born to a woman who bore the child of the Devil

Even though the child is young and shows no true sign of the beast within just yet, the Devil’s followers
keep a keen eye on the child as he grows over the years into a little boy. Satan’s minions keep the boy
safe and act as the child’s nanny and other protectors as they watch over the boy. Along the way, people
start to die horrible deaths as the Master of Hell keeps his boy safe from those who are trying to figure out
the child’s true identity.

Throughout the course of the film, the boy’s mother is hurt, a priest is impaled
from his own church’s steeple spire and just to show her devotion to the dark
one, the boy’s own nanny hangs herself at the child’s birthday party. Once the
boy’s father discovers who or what the child in his care really is, it’s too late
and he too is killed before he can stop the growth of evil within the child. By the
film’s end, the Devil’s young son is adopted by a new family who knows nothing
of the child’s true nature and who is was born from.        

But the story didn’t end there. In Damien: Omen II, 1978, the young Anti-Christ
grows into a young teen and starts to question his own identity and discovers
they he is in fact the son of Satan himself. Both shocked and frightened at first
by this discovery and fearing what he really is, the young man soon does start to
embrace his darker side and comes to grips with who he really is. Soon like his
dark father’s minions from the last film, young Damon kills his stepbrother and
gives in to his evil nature.

By the time the third film, The Omen III: The Final Conflict, is released 1981, we
now see Damien as a grown man, fully accepting who he is and hope to carry out
his dark father’s plans of world conquest. Like before, all others who discover that
he is the beast and try to stop the evil die in horrible ways before they can stop the
monster. But a woman who he has taken a shine to, after learning that he is the
son of the Devil, is able to kill the beast and save the world from the evil within the

Now that Damien was destroyed in what was thought to be the last of the story, but
wait…..there was still more to come. In 1991, a made for TV movie picked up the
evil torch and took the story of the Anti-Christ into a new direction. In Omen IV: The
Awakening, the daughter of Damien picks up her father’s dark quest where it left
off. She like her father is a natural demonic force and soon people die in her wake.
Within the battle of good and evil, the beast is stopped and the story line at last
comes to an end. The Anti-Christ blood line stopped here…..until after 30 years
the beast of 666 retuned in an all new remake in 2006.

With the release date of June (the 6th month) and 6th day of and in the year 2006
bringing it to 666 released date, The Omen remake hit theaters.  In this first and only
(so far) remake of the series, the story of the Devil’s son comes to a new generation
of horror fans. This nearly shot for shot re-telling of the Omen story brought the num-
ber of The Beast 666 back into the minds of horror fans. But the son of Satan still had
one more trick waiting in the wings. A TV series.

Damien the series ran for one season as a grown Damien tries to rid himself of the
evil within. Working as a war photographer, he puts his evil past behind him but the
Devil’s followers fight to bring the Anti-Christ back into their evil fold and turn him
demonic once again.

Ever since the 1976 movie The Omen was released, the name of Damien was for-
ever linked with the Devil, along with the numbers 666. Now after 40 years, 4 films, a
remake and a TV series, the Anti-Christ has become one of horror fiction and films
biggest stars. Whenever those 3 numbers are set together a vision of evil is un-
leashed in our minds. And for the real life children named Damien in the wake of the
films, they must face the fact that although they are not the son of Satan, the name
itself will be forever locked into our minds as that of the Anti-Christ.

The real question is…..does the Anti-Christ truly walk among us now?
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