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Behind The Screams:
Blood Fest 11

Written by Dark Soul
Photos by Diane DeSanto

On October 25th 2014, the Queens
Flushing Library was once again turned into a
house of horrors when Blood Fest 11 played
their 200 seat theater.  Once again Blood
Moon Rising’s publisher AL J. Vermette invited
me back as stage host to oversee the event’s
performing acts.  This year’s show was one of
our biggest yet with eight performing acts, three
of which were dance performances, two
magicians, ghost stories, psychic readings and
a live on stage Freddy vs Jason battle, along
with our costume and scream contests as well.

The show opened with a hip-hop
singing and dancing performance by
Mike AKA Dracula & Crew who per-
formed their original song Vampire
Bite along with two others called
Crazy and Hot Mom.  Their perfor-
mance was spot on and the audience
just loved them.  They came dressed
as vampires truly setting the mood for
a Halloween show.  This act is already
booked for Blood Fest 12, so be sure
to come and see this great group of performers this October 24th 2015.

The Vampires: Mike AKA Dracula, Icy The Hit Maker, Tee Rocker, Victor the
Great, Beyonca, BaBy Bug, Gabby Two Shabby and La Chandra the spider

Next to hit the stage was Mia
DeFranco with her dance group of all
female dancers.  They were smooth
and delivered one hell of a perfor-
mance all dressed in black.  Mia’s
girls may have been young but they
danced liked seasoned pros working
the stage and having the spectators
all clapping by performance end.  
These girls were nothing less than
amazing and we can’t wait to have them again next year.

Members of Mia DeFranco’s Dance Crew: Shameah Harris, Keysha Barnett,
Tatiana Turnage, Jaelyn Stewart, Aaliyah Gee, Tenika Bramble, Maya Nuwere and
Jordann Stoute

Returning for his third Blood Fest
was magician Justin Illusion, who once
again performed his live on stage
psychic surgery.  Laying a young wo-
man atop a table, Justin proceeds to
slip his bare hand into the girls belly
and with the skill of a master illusionist,
retrieve his hand from her gut and
leave her safe and sound and unharm-
ed.  Adding to his bag of tricks this
year was zapping a woman in a chair
and pulling glass from his eyes.  We can’t wait to see what Justin Illusion does at
next year’s show.

No one can tell a scary story like our own
Charles Dunbar who returned for the fourth year
to tell ghost stories.  This year, Charles read
original stories from his new book.  As with years
past, Dunbar holds his spectators in his grip and
pours on the fright until you can hear people
gasp in the audience.  As a story teller Charles
knows his subject well, he is the leading author-
ity on the supernatural and specializes in
Japanese folklore.  Charles is also one of the
staff writers for Blood Moon Rising in case you
didn’t know.

Rounding out the dance performers for this year’s show
was hip-hop dancer Malak Lunsford who wowed the aud-
ience with his popping- locking dance style like nothing we
have ever had before on stage.  His skill transcends other
worldly dance performances as he moved about the stage.  
Dressed to the hilt, this young male dance artist commanded
the stage like a force of nature.  We can’t wait to have him
back again next year.

Performing for his first Blood Fest appearance was
Rouge, our newest gifted magician.  With the skill of a wizard,
he commanded a small doll within his hand to rise as though
the little lifeless toy had came to life (Perhaps it did!)  Rouge made fire appear out
of thin air and like Justin Illusion before him, used the power of a well grip
audience as part of his act by bringing people from their spectator’s seats up on
stage to take part in this act.  One such effect had girl pick from a grouping of
staple guns which one he should use to place to his head and fire off.  Although
she picked them out of random, it was the power of this gifted master of magic.

Our last performance act was one of the
paranormal and mystery.  Angel Austin of
Mystic Angel was our resident clairvoyant for
this year’s show.  Gifted in the power to fore-
tell the future, Angel selected audience mem-
bers and give them a little taste of things yet
to come in their lives.  In a darkened room
Angel spellbound her spectators……but she
did not come alone.  Part of her performance
she had with her two very interesting souls joining her on stage. Mr. and Miss Skull
were on hand to lend a hand to Angel and add more of a spooky ambiance to the

It was after, I had invited many of our
spectators to come down to the front of the
stage and take part in a costume parade that
things got a little crazy.  Leading the parade
was none other than horror movie icon Jason
Voohees who has been part of the Blood Fest
shows since 2003.  It was after he brought the
costume march past the stage for the 2nd
time when another well known horror movie
figure step out on the stage.  There standing
on our Blood Fest stage was Freddy calling
out Jason for stealing all “his” children.  As
people retook their seats the battle was on
and live on our stage the audience witnessed
to Freddy vs Jason.  Both creatures got in
their licks on each other but in the end it was
Jason who won the battle.  Although Freddy
gave the fight to Jason, he did vow to return.  
Looks like Freddy vs Jason 2 will be playing
live on our stage next year.

The Blood Fest Costume Contest was a
big hit as with every year and this year’s big winner was a little boy dressed as
superhero Captain America.  Later in our Scream Contest, it was Captain America’
s little sister who took Best Scream who came to the show as Miss Captain
America.  They both looked really cute too.

Rounding out the show was two films, one
by director Daniel Destefano who screened his
short film “Withdrawal” and then took part in an
on stage interview with me.  This movie was
very entertaining and everyone enjoyed it very
much.  It was creepy and very well made despite
a small budget.  We hope to have Daniel back
again next Blood Fest to show more of his work.

Next was a music video from our old friend
Soda, who sent us his video from his two man
band (E) Motion Picture.  Sadly Soda could not
make it to Blood Fest this year but we hope to have him part of next years show.

Taking part of much of the event and one of our staff help was the sister of our
publisher AL J. Vermette, Diane DeSanto who not only helped coordinate all the
performers upon arrival but also took part in three of the acts.  Miss DeSanto was
there on stage helping both magicians and the psychic as well.  She sat in the
very first row snapping most of the shots you see in this article.  Blood Moon
Rising would like to thank Diane for all her help on this years Blood Fest.

Now that Blood Fest 11 is over, we look forward to Blood Fest 12 that is set for
October 24th 2015, when we take over the Flushing library once more and Blood
Moon Rising celebrates Halloween once again.
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