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Behind The Screams: On Set With "Zombie Hunters:
City of The Dead" Episode #10

Written By AL J. Vermette
Photos By D.W. Jones

(Also see my interview with Zombie Hunters creator & director Patrick
Devaney in this issue of BMR)

  It was a lovely sunny day in mid May.  The birds were singing, the flowers
blooming and the trees blowing in the wind.  Just the right kind of day to spend
with the living dead!  After all...who the hell needs all that fresh air when you can
be a walking corpse.  Well that's how I like to spend my Saturdays anyway.  On
May 19 myself and my editor and partner D.W. Jones drove out to Huntington
Long Island NY to be on the set of the latest episode of the TV series "Zombie
Hunters: City of The Dead" episode #10.  As I got ready to be one of the living
dead, D.W. took all the photos that you see in this article.

  It had been a few years since I joined the undead in full zombie make-up and I
knew I was in for the time of my life....or is that the time of my death?  In any case,
it’s been like three years since the last time I took part in the shooting of "Zombie
Hunter's: City of the Dead" the very first TV series about zombies.  Yes even
before that show on AMC, this series creator Patrick Devaney and his team of
zombie hunters were killing flesh eating monsters and saving the world.  Turning
me into the undead was make-up artist Ali Veroba who alongside fellow artists
Janine Maloney, Cat Martin, Helen Vasso, Andrea Michelle and Gene Mazza
turned normal looking everyday people into walking, bleeding, rotting flesh eating
monsters, all lead by team leader make-up master Michael A. Scardillo.  Hell it was
just fun watching all the dead lumber around the make-up room and waiting area
before we were even called to the set by series director Patrick Devaney.

  Once we hit the set it was all out crazy zombie shit and it was so damn fun!  
Right from the start, there was like 30 to 40 zombies walking in a mass horde as
the cameras rolled.  Side by side, us zombies walked dripping blood, carrying
body parts and groaning like only the dead can do as we made our way down the
path and straight toward the cameras.  Leading this horde of bloody creatures
was one dubbed Drop Jaw, a sick looking scary ass she-beast with her mouth
blown wide open in a crazy bloody mess and played by Lisa Foederer, the
drummer for the rock band "Blue Movie." Lead make-up artist Michael A. Scardillo
designed Drop Jaw's face prosthetic as artist Janine Maloney did the make-up.  
You can see the zombie horde in all its undead glory in this issue of BMR and our
web site promoting the series.  You can also see Drop Jaw on the cover of Blood
Moon Rising's 50th Issue coming this Halloween.

  Then with the next shot, we, the dead were to attack a poor victim who wasn't
lucky enough to make it to the end of the episode.  As this poor bastard lay on the
ground, the dead overwhelmed him and rip his insides out right there on set.  God
it was so cool seeing this guy screaming as creatures were ripping his guts away
and feeding on them.  (You gotta love zombies)  And then like that wasn't a blast,
came the zombie feeding frenzy where we all walked about among various body
parts, arms, legs and guts feeding on everything in sight.  I for one was walking
about chewing on a bloody severed arm.  It was sick...really sick and I loved every
moment of it.  In all this carnage flying overhead was a helicopter cam shooting
the whole bloody scene below.  Man I tell you...you have not lived.....until you've
been dead.....well undead anyway.

  Leading all this zombie mayhem was the series creator and director Patrick
Devaney who also plays one of the hunters as well.  Always at his side is actor
Christopher Murphy who plays Bates, the sword welding major bad ass of the
series.  As the two and their crew of hunters do what they do best, fight the
undead legions of living dead monsters.  The last shot of the day was having the
dead swarm over a doorway just as two detectives try and make their way out of
the horror.  Just as they open the door...zombies everywhere.....and I mean

  Now over the years of publishing this magazine (12 In fact), I have been on a
few movie sets myself and a few film projects of our own and I have to tell you
being on set with these guys is like being on a much bigger million dollar project
than it is.  You would never know that they were not working with millions of bucks
on this show and yet make it look as though they were.  Multiple cameras in use
along with the flying helicopter camera made me feel like this was a big Hollywood
production.  Just the feel of the whole shoot and its scope was like being on a
Hollywood soundstage.  Patrick and the gang really stepped it up and I can't wait
to see this episode when its all cut together and ready for viewing.  If you can get
the chance to work with these guys do so....you will have a kick...being dead or
getting eatten by one of their many undead leagions.  In any case you will love
being dead for them.
Cast and Crew getting ready for the big shoot
        Before                                             The Living Dead
Artist Janine Maloney working on leader of the horde Drop Jaw
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