Special Features
Behind The Screams The 5th
Annual Institute of Horror
Fantasy & Science Fiction

By AL J. Vermette

On March 24th 2012, Blood Moon Rising
Magazine hosted our 5th "Institute of Horror,
Fantasy & Science Fiction" and of the five
years of doing this event, this was clearly the
biggest and best one to date.  We had a
line-up of events that had the place jumping
all day from the moment it opened to the
closing film.  Held once again at the Queens Flushing Library and with library
program director and horror fan Gina Fazio having our backs, the event took over
the library like a force of nature.  Skulls hung on the walls and in glass cases as
part of my Skull, Skeleton & Classic Sci/Fi Toy displays.

As the people came in they were met by our all day Art Gallery with artists Brian
Bowman and David Rodriguez as they showcased their best work.  Both artists
were just amazing in their craft and we were so glad to have both of them part of
this years Institute.  Look for both Brian's work and David's on future issue covers
of Blood Moon Rising Magazine.  Artist David Rodriguez was also one of our
featured film makers for the event as well.

For this years Institute, we added something new and it turned out to be one of
the biggest hits of the day.  We added Psychics to the mix and I could not foresee
the impact that this would make on the days events.  Opening the event, our two
Psychics Susan Lynne and Elizabeth Palladino talked about their craft and how
TV and film don't always get it right when it came to portraying psychics in the
movies.  They talked about the use of tarot cards and how they were used in
doing someone's reading and how they go about it.  Then both Susan and
Elizabeth showed us their skills first hand when they performed a live reading
before our very eyes.  Blood Moon Rising's own D.W. Jones took part in the
reading demo as did my sister Dawn as they bared their souls to the two
clairvoyants.  Not only were the two Psychics a big hit in their Q&A and psychic
reading demos but after they left the main conference room where they were to do
private readings there were lines running all the way into the lobby.

After our Psychics, came the Authors and this year among three time Institute
author Soda and newcomer Steven A.Roman was teen author and my niece
Nicolette DeSanto with her up coming novel "The Wind."  Yeah you read that right
my niece....the blood soaked apple didn't fall far from this horror author's tree of
terror.  I was so..so proud to see her read from her new novel for my event.  Back
again for his 4th go around was author Soda who did a reading from his story
about Halloween and something that most of us can very much relate to.  His story
was right on target and made all of us fans of the holiday wish that the trees we
red and yellow and the pumpkins were out on the lawn.  Horror author Steven A.
Roman new to this event read from his newest novel "Blood Feud: The Saga of
Pandora Zwieback" as we all were taken into his dark world of the Goth teen
Pandora.  Both Soda and Steven had a display table where the two sold copies of
their work and for Soda he also had copies of his new music cd as well.

Now what's an event like this without a cool monster to roaming about.  Well we
did and thanks to FX Master Jennifer Jaksic who turned a normal everyday guy
into the Lord of Darkness. (Check out her Demon on the cover of this issue)  
Jennifer who worked on her model Anthony Silverstein before the event even
opened had everyone watching her as she went along from start to full beast
before their eyes.  What she did was nothing less then amazing and she only had
a few hours to create her creature.  I would love to see what this young effects
artist can do with more time and the budget of a big Hollywood film.  Read more
about FX Artist Jennifer Jaksic in this issue of BMR when we talk with her in an
interview with me.  If you're a film maker and in need of a really good FX person,
look Jennifer up online on her web site @ www.JenniferJax.com  I bet there's
nothing this young artist can't create.

All this and the show was still not over! Up next was the film maker portion of the
event starting with David Rodriguez.  Stepping away from his artists table, David
showed his new movie and I mean new like shot just days before this event was
"Demon Cleaners."  After his film "Internal Time Clock Affair" was killed within his
dying computer, David set out to shoot a new film just for us and boy did he ever
deliver.  The movie told the story of two demon hunters as they track down and try
and kill one creature after another.  The movie was bloody and funny in all the
right places and everyone loved it.  After the showing, David and cast talked
about the making of the movie and how at the last moment he shot this film for our
event.  Look for my interview with David in this issue of BMR.

Then came our old friends from "Zombie Hunters: City of The Dead" with Episode
8 of their on going series.  Number Eight was as always high with zombie attacks,
blood and mayhem as the hunters led by star and director Patrick Devaney with
his right hand man, the super bad ass hunter and sword welding Christopher
Murphy.  The film also had among its undead villains one zombie from "Blood
Moon Rising fame.....well little old me.  Yes among the like 70 plus zombies they
had for this film, yours truly was one of the dead trying to eat the hunters in their
quest to rid the world of the living dead fiends.  After the showing, both Patrick
and Christopher talked about the making of the film and did their Q&A for
everyone.  For me, it was fun to see the new episode being shown for this year’s
Institute and know that I was part of the making of this super cool project.  Look for
an all new interview with Patrick from "Zombie Hunters: City of The Dead" in our
12th Anniversary issue #49.

The theme for this years Institute of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction" was Skulls
& Skeletons.  Like most other years of this event where I do use a good amount of
skulls on the main table of the conference room this year I went all out.  I had and I
kid you not a real medical lab human skull on display along with the very real
skulls of three creatures of unknown origin found by myself and my nephew Louie
a few years ago.  I thought this event was high time to clean them things up and
display them among the others.  Along with them were reproduction skulls of a
young T-Rex and the fabled Yeti.  As part of my displays were my collection of
classic toys such as my 1977 first edition "Star Wars" action figures, my 1976
"Micronauts" action figures and 1968s "The Outer Space Men" that were featured
in BMR a few issue back.  Among this were my 1975 "Star Trek" figures along with
a Bird of Pray and both Enterprise D and the Enterprise from the new 2009 movie
all on display.

The show ended with a showing of the classic 1974 TV series "Land of The Lost"
which brought back many of our childhoods to us older fans.  By days end
everyone had their fill of horror and sci/fi and left feeling good.  The adding of
psychics was a big hit...even bigger than I ever thought it would be and although
David shot his new film fast to fill in for his lost movie it too was great.  I am looking
forward to next years event and hope that I can make that one just as big and
grand as this one.  See you all next year for The 6th Annual Institute of Horror,
Fantasy & Science Fiction!
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Brian Bowman with guest (above) and David Rodriguez (below) both
showing off the artist talents for the incoming guest
Susan Lynne, medium (left) and Elizabeth Palladino, tarot card
reader (right) during the Q & A. (above)
Susan  and Elizabeth doing readings for guest in the lobby (below)
Authors Soda (left), Steven A. Roman (middle) and Nicolette DeSanto
(right) fielding questions during the Q&A seesion (above)
Soda and Steven Roman setting up their tables (below)
Jennifer Jaksic in the midst of working on model Anthony
Silverstein in the beginning of the transformation (above)
Jennifer with the finish product (below)
David Rodriguez and cast answering questions from
audience on film Demon Cleaners
Christopher Murphy and Patrick Devaney talking about
Episode 8 of Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead