Special Features
Behind of Screams of
Blood Fest 8

By AL J. Vermette

On October 22 2011, Blood Moon Rising
Horror Magazine once again presented its
Annual "Blood Fest: Halloween Show & Rock
Party" to celebrate the Halloween season.  With
this being our 8th "Blood Fest" event, I wanted to
really step things up and make this show the best
one yet.  ......And it was!  Starting six months
before the show date, I was creating new props
to use for the show.  I wanted to make the
Haunted Tunnel better then before and this time really do up the stage and make
it more spooky.  I really wanted much more on stage such as a full graveyard but
that had to be put aside since it would have been in the way of all the acts we
have performing that day.  Had I built the graveyard it would have had to be
removed before the zombie dancers and rock band took to the stage.  But I did
erect a low line fence at the stage front with two scarecrows standing on both
sides of the stage.  In the back there were two ghosts flying high over the stage a
long with my nine foot scarecrow that I build last year for my lobby horror display.  
Last year, he stood in the display at eight foot tall but this year, I added a foot to
bring his up to 9 as he stood center in the back of the stage.  He looked spooky
standing behind all the acts.

Speaking of the outside lobby display.  This year I did "Ghosts" and 3 standing
among gravestones and 2 flying above them.  In the glass display cases I had
smaller ghosts haunting along with a group of foot tall skeletons hanging out
among spooky dead trees.  Within the Haunted Tunnel that leads into the main
theater although not very long I filled it with as much spooky stuff as I could.

Since I had to be careful not to have people trip in the narrow hallway, I could not
put things low such is gravestones but had to hang things high or have self
standing creatures.  Within the tunnel I had two life size demons standing that I
made, one with its wings fully extended hovering over a bed of skulls.  I had a
ghost and a Grim Reaper haunting the tunnel as well.  I must say it all looked
pretty good.  The year before I brought my demons to the show but they were not
complete when they stood in the tunnel of "Blood Fest 7" due to time.  This year
they got to be finished as I added their horns, claws and wings.  Adding the bed of
skulls was something that I just thought of the day I was setting them up.  It took
me two days to set all this up before the show and when I did a last walk through
and looked it all over, I was happy with it and knew that the next day people were
going to see my creations as they entered the theater.

Blood Fest 8 sported the biggest line up of acts then we ever had.  Once people
made it through the tunnel and seated the show began.  Following the shows on
stage host and M.C., our very own writer Dark Soul's entrance the opening act hit
the stage.  There right before everyone eyes zombies entered the scene crawling
from out of the darkness.  It was then that the undead started to bust a move as
they danced to the late Michael Jackson's immortal classic "Thriller".  For me this
was so cool to see this iconic song and music video brought to life before my and
everyone else's eyes.  The undead dancers were from the dance troop Ke-da
Children Dance Co. from Queens New York and really brought life....or undead life
to the show.  Since in the 8 years of doing this event we never had dancers and
adding them really made the show.  Also dancing for Blood Fest 8 was the all
female dance troop Hope For Hip Hop with their "Monster Jam" dance.  The girls
were great and added even more to the event with their act.

New this year too was stand-up comic Greg Anash who took to the stage and
wowed all.  Returning again for the third year was magic man and and mentalist
Jasper who is always a big hit with the younger viewers.  Each year Jasper gets
bigger and better with his performance.  Blood Fest 8 also got to showcase two
new short films from Lake Films and Light & Dark Productions.  "The Cellar" a six
minute short from Light & Dark packed a lot into this little movie with a really cool
monster and good storylines.  "Eviction" from Lake Films told the story of aliens
using the dead as weapons as Earth is over run by zombies.

Our Costume and Scream contests went well and this year we added a new Make
A Mummy Contest that I took to the stage and hosted myself.  We had 12 kids
come up before the stage and they were handed mummy wraps....AKA bathroom
paper and given 5 minutes to turn themselves into mummies.  The kids and
everyone else loved this as it was fun watching them become mummies and then
they walked the theater with Friday The 13ths Jason who lead the way as each
mummy was judged who was the best mummy.

One of the shows highlights was our Blood Moon Rising produced "Werewolf vs
Bigfoot battle live on stage.  Before everyone's eyes two of the worlds most iconic
monsters did battle to the death with Bigfoot out powering the werewolf and
becoming the victor.  The monsters performed right on target and although
monsters can be a little hard to get to do as you want, I found that if you put a
werewolf and a sasquatch together its not hard to get them to fight.

For Blood Fest 2011 the music acts were singer song writer Alex Haines who
opened the rock part of the show with her original songs with just her and her
guitar.  Following Alex was rocker Ray West and his band All Points West who
rocked the house.  Both performers did the show in make-up with Ray looking
very much like the comic book hero The Crow.  Rock acts have always be part of
our Blood Fest events and this year both acts were the discovery of our shows
venure program director Gina Fazio.  Thanks Gina!

By shows end, the theater that holds 205 seats pushed the max to almost 250 as
this was our best and biggest show to date.  Blood Fest 9 set for Oct. 20th of
2012 will be even bigger and better.  Be sure to join us for our next Halloween
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