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 “The Troop” is a show that can be viewed on “Nickelodeon.”  It is a show that has
a fair share of comedy and horror.  The show is about three teens in high school
that are part of a secret group of monster hunters.  Jake is the leader of the group
but can be kind of dumb at times.  He is a  risk taker and one who likes to goof
off.  Felix is the smart one.  He knows a lot about monsters but is considered a
geek by everybody he knows.  Hayley is the tough one of the group.  Ironically,
she is only able to relax when fighting a monster.  Mr. Stockley is the man in
charge of the troop.  The troop keeps trapped monsters and weapons in a secret
“lair” that is underneath the school that Jake, Felix, and Hayley go to and that Mr.
Stockley is the principal of.  In the “lair” there is a computer called the troop grid.  
The troop grid helps by giving information about all of the monsters.  The troop
also has a small creature that erases people’s memory.  This creature is called a
snark.  When a person who is not in the troop sees evidence of monsters or the
troop, the snark admits a high pitched noise that erases that persons memory of
what has happened.

 On “The Troop” there’s a variety of different monsters.  Here are some
examples.  The Basilisk was the troop’s first monster.  It is a creature that has the
ability to look into somebody’s eyes and turn them to stone.  Then there is the
gelatinous cube monster that feeds on intense human emotions and has the
ability to switch people’s bodies.  Vampsters are half vampire and half hamster.  
They half big teeth, eat humans, and can hypnotize people into doing or believing
anything desired by the Vampsters.  Lastly there is the vapor monster.  It has the
ability to animate inanimate objects.  That is only some of the monsters in the
series.  There are many more monsters too.

 I believe that “The Troop” is a terrific show for both kids and adults and will be
continued long into the future.  It is the perfect mix of monsters and comedy.  I
definitely recommend this show to everybody who loves both of those genres.
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Review of Nickelodeon's "The Troop"

by Danny Jones
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