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Behind The Screams

On Set With The Making of   
Lucan: The Defender
The Movie

By AL J. Vermette

On a cold October morning in the woods of a Queens, New York park, a group of
people came together to make a film.  The project  “Lucan: The Defender” based
on my chapbook series had both actors and film crew dealing with not only the
chilly air but early morning rain as well.  Still there they all were ready to go, all
working together to see my vision turned into reality. ....And for that... I thank you
all for your hard work and commitment the project.  You are all the best!!!

For the past two years at conventions, fairs and other events my staff and I have
brought my fantasy book hero Lucan to life in a series of live stage shows.  After
filming of one such performance that we posted on YouTube.com, I had  an idea.  
But to shoot a short film staring my werewolf warrior, I was going to need a little
help.  Enter film maker Thomas Bender, who not only was pumped about doing
the film but he thought of something that even I hadn’t thought of, a behind the
scenes making of the film within the film.

So on that cold morning of October 4th 2008 Tom, his crew and my actors all met
in the woods of Kissena Park to shoot the script that I had written.  The cast would
be some that I have worked with before on our Lucan stage shows and others
would join us on the film version.  Diana DeSanto was the only girl on set playing
Gail, a young villager, who’s small settlement was being raided by evil knights.  
Plying her brother Kale and also doubling as one of the bad guys was Louie
Poveromo, who works with me on not only the stage shows but also a long time
member of my team who has worked with me on “Blood Fest” and other projects
only the years.  Both were amazing in their parts and knew their lines even better
then I and I wrote the screenplay.  Oh and by the way they both are family too.  
The youngest member of the cast was Danny Jones Jr., who is the son of our very
own writer and book reviewer D. W. Jones.  At only 12, Little Danny played
Ramburg, the elf that the boy and girl meet within the forest.  With pointed ears,
the younger Jones also spoke his lines like a pro hitting the mark every time.

D.W. Jones my long time companion in this publication and Sapphire
Publications,  reprised his live stage role as the evil Lord Tyrannous by donning
his long black cape, mask, animal fur and belt of human skulls for his first time
playing the character on film.  Jones who normally looks like the all around nice
guy was so imposing in his Lord Tyrannous costume that he looked frightening to
even me, and I created the outfit.  Playing knights and the giant Gorgo, was two
new covers to the fold. They were Dale Smith who donned the full fur suit, head
and horns for the monster Gorgo and Ernest who played one of the evil knights.  
Both loved working with us and they were a joy to work with.  Dale also played a
knight and also was a body double for Louie who played master swordsman
Malice, when Louie had to be on set as both roles as Kale and Malice

Ok, so I know what your wondering.....who the hell played the hero Lucan? Well
kids it was yours truly slipping into the werewolf head and costume for the
warrior.  With years of martial arts training and watching every episode of  
“Highlander: The Series”, I wanted to play my swordsman hero myself.  No one
knows my hero better than I do, so there I was standing in knee high black boots,
long black cape and sword in hand ready to take my cue from the director.  I even
knew my lines.....well I should I wrote them after all.....well most anyway.

It was a blast watching the cast run through the script and bring my story and
characters to life.  Most of us have done the Lucan story live before a watching
pubic and it was nice for once doing it for film where we could redo something that
didn’t work right and not just run through it from beginning to end and hope it
went well.  Sword fights can be hard to do in front of people sometimes and if you
blow a move, you have to go with it no matter what.  For film if you blow a move its
okay, do it over again.  At one point in the sword fight, I as Lucan swung back my
metal sword and almost took out the camera man.  The poor guy took a swipe to
the nose from the prop weapon dazing him a bit but he lived.  Talk about reality!  
Oh yeah, though these prop swords are just that props that I myself hand crafted
for our very first live show for “May Fair” they are made of real metal and can and  
have drawn blood before.  I know....the hard way when last year at “The
Labyrinth” I took the blade of one of them to the belly cutting me and then to the
hand. .....And we were just rehearsing.  I think Jones and Poveromo were trying to
kill me at that convention.

Working with Tom Bender, the film director was a joy.  He work well with our
younger actors bring out the best of their skills.  And even with us older ones too.  
Hell it was just odd for me to even be acting at all.  It felt strange to be speaking
lines since I’m a writer and not an “actor”, but I did okay though I did write that
Lucan say very little to begin with.  Tom’s crew  was complete with Mateusz behind
the lens and Tom working the sound and boom.  One of the things that drew me
to working with Tom was his idea of shooting a film within the main film and doing
a kinda behind the scenes thing where he showed the making of.  This part was
done with interviews of the cast along with myself telling how and why we were all
here together working on this film.

So what’s next for my werewolf  warrior Lucan?  Well I plan on writing more
chapbooks staring the hero and a full novel that’s in the works.  I want to do more
live action short films with Lucan for YouTube.com and other web sites and one
day a feature film.  We will also still be doing the live stage fights at conventions,  
fairs and other events as Lucan marches on as the next super hero to capture a
world new action fans

To order  copies of the first chapbooks in the
“Lucan” series right from the publisher and signed
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“Lucan: Heart of The Warrior”
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Sapphire Publications
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In a time long ago in a land of myths and
monsters he lived. Half man, part wolf the only
one of his kind. Lucan lives in the world where
only he who wields their weapon with the
greatest of skill sees the dawn of a new day



Film crew discussing
details of the production
Crew prepare for a long
day of filming
Li'l Danny in his role as
Ramburg the elf
Louie and Diana in their
roles as Gail and Kale
AL as Lucan facing off against
the giant Gorgo
D.W. Jones as Tyrannous,
evil lord of the evil knights
Gorgo, giant monster
looking to destroy Lucan
Dale as one of the
marauding knights
Ernest, showing off his akido
Al Vermette, the man with
his vision for Lucan
Tom interviewing AL for
behind the scenes info
AL discussing particulars with
Tom about movie