Short Story
                                      The Feast of Beltane
                                                                     By Ray Prew

     Peter Weiss walked home from school.  In two days, it would be time for the feast of Beltane.  The
feast of Beltane was a holiday in his religion.  His parents had no idea he was a practicing Satanist.  They
were dull boring born again Christians, but he; he was a Satanist, a true lover of Lucifer.  On the day of
Beltane’s feast, he was to sacrifice a life to Lucifer in a very specific ceremony or convert a new soul to
him.  Since he began his worship of his master three years ago, he had sacrificed many animals as a
tribute, but he loved his master so he wanted the feast to be special.

     He might be only 13 years old, but his faith in Lucifer was man sized.  He prayed to his master every
day.  In return, all his wishes were granted.  He once prayed a schoolyard bully named Brad Majors would
die and the next day he and his parents were killed in a drive by shooting.  Peter loved the devil and it
appears that the devil loves him.

     Peter had already picked out his convert, a classmate named Janet Hinwood.  A pretty blonde girl he
was certain was a virgin.  His master would like that.  He planned to take her virginity as a tribute to his
master and convince her Lucifer was the true god that loved her.  Some of the girls at school were taken
with his sunken shallow eyes and pale skin.  But he only wanted Janet, she was going out with a guy
named Frank but disposing of him would present no problems.

     When he got home, his mother was cooking at the stove while his father sat at the table working on a
sermon for this Sunday’s services at the local church.  He was a pastor and was looking at starting his own
ministry.  They had no clue that he worshipped his master.  They took his clothes and overall look to be a
teenage fashion.

     “You missed church the last three Sundays Peter; you are going this week, right?” his father said
without looking up from his notes.  The very thought of church gave him the creeps.  Peter just shrugged
and nodded.

     Peter went to his room and closed the door.  He knelt, his hands clasped reverently with his forehead
touching the floor.  “Oh my master,” he began in his whispery voice most adults found unsettling.  “Share
your wisdom and guide me to my goal.  I want the girl Janet Hinwood as mine; I will show her YOUR
majesty, YOUR love.  I ask this in the name of your unholy fire.”

     “Peter, come downstairs, dinner is ready,” he heard his mother calling him.  After dinner, his father
made him take bible study with him and some of the other members of the church as they did every
Thursday night.  Peter always played along, occasionally asking difficult questions and delighting in
watching the Christians squirm looking for answers.

     The next day at school, he kept trying to make eye contact with Janet, knowing this was the first step in
a time honored and proven love spell.  She smiled politely, but occasionally he caught her looking at him
when she thought he wasn’t looking.  Peter knew that look well; it meant she was getting interested.  It
meant his master was helping him.

     Most of his worship he did in the privacy of his room, but certain ceremonies required candles and
animal sacrifices, for that Peter needed privacy.  He had a place that was hidden from any other eyes.  A
place only he knew about.  It was a small cave in the cliffs by the beach.  It was perfect, when it was high
tide it was completely submerged thereby washing the remains of any animal sacrifices out to sea.  He
couldn’t very well take Janet to his room and deflower her there, his born again parents would never go for
it.  The feast was the next day he had to make his move.

     The next day at school, Peter stopped Janet before she entered her homeroom and asked in his
whispery voice, “Janet would you like to learn about magic?  I need help with a ceremony and if you help
me I’ll teach you a few things.”

     “Ok!” she eagerly agreed.  “I’d love to learn the dark arts,” she laughed.

     “Then see me after school and we’ll go to the beach.  Because of my parents, I must hide what I do.”  
Peter was well known among the students for practicing sorcery, they just didn’t know about his master.

     When school was finished, he took her to the beach and led her to his cave.  Along the way they
passed by Janet’s house, as they did a small cat walked up to them.  “Oh look, a stray cat, the poor thing
probably hasn’t eaten in days,” said Janet as she picked it up.

     “It seems friendly enough,” said Peter as he took it from her and started petting it.  “Actually, I need this
cat for the ritual but don’t worry I won’t harm it.”

     “Oh I’m sure you won’t,” she said with an odd smile.  “I know a good soul when I see one.”

     They continued on their way until they got to Peter’s cave.  “I use this spot as its hidden,” he told her.  
He showed her the symbols he had painted on the wall and explained the point and purpose of each one.

     “I want to show you the love of my master,” Peter explained as he put the cat down on a small flat
stalagmite he used as his altar.

     “Your master?!  Who is your master?”  Janet asked as she watched him prepare the altar with a black
cloth with a red pentagram on it and put black candles on the different points.

     “My master is Lucifer the light bringer, God’s favorite angel until he cast him out.”  Peter replied as he
placed the cat in the center of the pentagram.

     He started to reach for the small knife he had hidden in his backpack when Janet began taking her
clothes off eyeing him seductively.  It was then Peter saw she wasn’t a virgin at all, she smiled at his
surprised expression.  “Sex is a major component in such rituals isn’t it?”  Janet asked him.

     “Well yes it is,” he stammered.  Until now, he couldn’t add sex as a component to a ritual, he had no
partner.  Satan hadn’t blessed him with a girlfriend yet.  But he didn’t understand how she would know
about rituals.  She asked to do it on his alter, to be kinky.  He eagerly agreed as in order for this to be a
proper ritual that is exactly how it was supposed to be done.  When they were finished, as she got
dressed, Peter picked up the cat from the floor and replaced it in the center of his pentagram.  The cat
suddenly lashed out and scratched him drawing a bit of blood.


     “Good!  We needed blood for this,” Janet said as she quickly produced a pair of handcuffs from her
purse and put them on Peter.

     “What is this?” he asked thinking she was really getting kinky.

     “I don’t want you to get away,” she said displaying surprising amount of strength picking him up and
dropping him on the altar, as the cat sprang up and perched on her shoulder.  “Asmodeus here isn’t a
stray, he is my familiar.” She said as she took a black robe from her backpack and put it on over her
clothes.  “You know a bit about the arts,” she continued as she repositioned the candles and lit them.  “In
order for Beltane’s ritual to be done properly, the practitioner must first bless the altar with both sex and
blood.  We already had the sex and now Asmodeus here drew the blood.”

     “How do you know these things?”  Peter asked as he tried to get off the altar only to be restrained by
her hand and Asmodeus that had jumped onto his chest.

     “That’s simple, your master is my master,” she laughed.  “I have been a witch since I was 8 years old,
my mother and her sisters taught me the black arts.  The feast of Beltane requires a sacrificial life,   the
higher the life form the more pleasing it is to the master.  You were just going to kill off poor Asmodeus
here to him.  I’m going to sacrifice YOU to the master!”

     Peter tried to jump off the altar but Janet spoke a few words in a strange language and made a
gesture.  He found he was paralyzed and unable to move.  “Clearly you haven’t studied enochian, the
language of the angels,” she said.  “That is an immobilization spell.  You studied many rituals that much is
obvious, but you’re disorganized and undisciplined.  I learned spells at an early age.  I can actually
summon demons if I need to.  You Peter, have the honor of being my first human sacrifice, at least my first
all by myself.”

     As Peter lay helplessly on his own altar and screamed as Janet took his own knife and proceeded to
carve the symbol of baphomet on his chest, all the while chanting in that strange language she called

     More and more the cave began to smell of sulfur and shit.  Asmodeus, perched atop Janet’s shoulder,
eyes began to glow.  Peter had read about this and wondered if he would ever accomplish it himself.  The
smell of sulfur and shit, the cats glowing eyes, were all signs that his master was about to appear.  He still
very much wanted to meet his master, just not as a sacrifice.

     Janet’s chanting grew faster and more intense as smoke began to fill the cave increasing the sulfur
smell.  The smoke itself began to glow as if there were fire inside of it.  Peter could hear low growling
noises coming from the center of the cloud.  His master would soon appear!

     Peter’s heart began to race both from the pain of Janet carving on his chest and in anticipation of
actually seeing the devil.  Until now, worshiping the devil had been nothing more than a fun pastime.  He
really did give praise to Satan and he willingly offered his soul, but until now, it had all been a sick game.  
But this was real, this girl was a real witch and she did have powers he only read about, now she was
giving him to the master.

     The smoke began to coalesce and take form and shape.  It was forming a head and shoulders of a
man but the head had horns!  This was really happening he was about to meet his master!

     An arm with a claw like hand reached out from the cloud of smoke and raked across Peter’s chest as
he screamed in pain.  It burned like fire; he had inflicted pain on himself before as a tribute to Satan but
nothing in his life hurt like this.  Janet squealed in delight as her spell worked and Satan was about to take
his sacrifice.  She would gain much power from this.  Her mother and her sisters would be so proud of her.

     The arm next reached out and raked across her neck and chest as she squealed, “Oh yes master!  Oh
yes!”  The hand reached out again and this time it grasped Peter and drew him inside while he screamed
in fear.  The hand reached out again this time grasping Janet and started to pull her inside as well!  “Not
yet master!  Not yet!  I have much more work to do for you, many more sacrifices to make.  I want to serve
you longer before going with you into the blessed fire!”  Janet begged.  

     The cloud made no response as it drew her in.  With a final scream, they were both gone.  The smoke
began to clear, the smell of sulfur and shit began to dissipate, leaving only Asmodeus the cat remaining.  
The cat simply walked out of the cave as the tide began to wash in.  Once the tide washed out, there would
be nothing remaining of Peter or Janet.  In their own ways each had gotten their wish, they had served their
master and would spend eternity with him in hell.

                                                                                              The End
About Ray Prew

Ray Prew was originally
from Rhode Island, but
now lives in Florida.  He is
a graduate of the New
England Institute of
Technology.  Ray has
been a blue-collar worker
all his life, and started
writing as a hobby.  He
spent 9 enjoyable years as
a phone psychic.  Ray’s
work has been published
in Spinetinglers magazine
(6 times) one of the stories
was used in a trivia quiz.  
Two Spinetinglers stories
are on You Tube, one
story called Some
Monsters Are Real is
narrated by someone, and
the other was made into a
short video called Ray
Prew’s let me out.  He has
been published in Blood
Moon Rising (7 times
including 2 poems),
Aphelion magazine (12
times including 2 poems)
as well as several other
magazines.  He has an
anthology book of
published and
unpublished stories
available on Amazon
called Delightful
Nightmares.  His work has
also appeared in the
anthology vicious circle
season one put out by
sinister grin, the anthology
chaos of hard clay put out
by banjaxed books,  and
one poem in an anthology
of vampire poetry called
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