Short Story
                                             The Warden
                                                                     By Oliver Lodge

     The warden was passing through the multi-purpose room of a prison with a book in his hand. He
reeked of alcohol.

     A prisoner who had been accused of a crime he did not commit was sitting alone at a table. He
noticed the book in the warden’s hand. On the cover it said, "The Truth".

     “Hey! I want to know what the truth is!” he jested.

     “No way!” the warden slurred. “I’m bringing this straight to where contraband items are stored.”

     After some coaxing the warden agreed to show him the book. “But don’t tell anybody I let you see it,” he

     He ordered the rest of the prisoners to look away before showing it to him. After reading only a couple
sentences, the prisoner walked away from the warden, his face as white as a sheet.

     He was found hanging from a rafter in his cell the next day.
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About Oliver Lodge

Oliver Lodge is an author who lives in upstate New York. He has been published in “Inner Sins”,
“Blood Moon Rising Magazine”, “Body Parts Magazine”, and “Yellow Mama”.