Short Story
                                            Time’s On My Side
                                                                   By Ernest Roberson Sr.


      Brandi Dillard was a young girl with a passionate heart. She was 17 years old with sandy blond hair.
She lived in Beaufort, South Carolina all of her life, born, and raised there. Brandi attended Southeast
High and in the 11th grade. She already had plans for after high school. She wanted to go to college and
become a lawyer. It was now a Saturday evening and four boys that she goes to school with came by her


      Mark West, Brian Fowler, Shawn Evans, and Jim Carey sat around in the living room with Brandi,
talking. Mark got upset, then started cursing, and saying harsh things about Brandi.

      “Let’s do her, guys.” he then insisted to the other three.

      Brandi quickly stood up from the couch and tried running from them. So Brian and Shawn held her
down as Jim and Mark undressed her. Brandi tried fighting them off and yelled for help.

      “It will not help you to yell,” Brian said, looking at the others.

      No one lived by her parent’s house for miles on the lake.

      Then Jim and Mark held her down as Brian and Shawn took their turns. After all of three horrifying
hours they left. Brandi cried and was angered. As she got off of the floor and gathered up her clothes. A
feeling of revenge struck her. She went into the bathroom took a bath, and cleaned herself up before her
parents came home. Brandi barely finished as her parents come through the front door she sat down on
the couch and pretended to watch television.


      “You alright Brandi?”

      “Yes, mom. How was your day?” Brandi replied looking away from the television to her parents.

      “Good sweetie. Yours?”

      “It was alright, but it’ll get better,” Brandi replied looking back at the television.

      Later on that night, Brandi ate dinner with her parents and went to bed. During the night, obscene
phone calls were made to her. She finally left the phone off of the hook.

      “Laugh and joke while you still can, it’s your last piece because revenge is sweet,” Brandi said.


      “Brandi, it’s time to get up. We’re going to church, then to Grandma Becky’s.”

      “Yes ma’am, love you,” Brandi replied getting out of her bed.

      She dressed herself then called each boy and asked them to come over. One by one they came. Jim
arrived first. Brandi hit him in the head with a metal bat as he knocked on the front door of her house. She
then hung him from a tree by the lake shore. Mark came by boat while she was in the lake swimming
shortly after hanging Jim. Mark stopped on the motorboat, and never said a word as he coasted beside
her in the water. Brandi jumped on the side of the aluminum boat and hit him between the eyes with a
hatchet, killing him too.


      Shawn arrived as Brandi was walking out of the water.

      “Hi, Shawn.”

      “Hey Brandi…….” he replied with a stutter, limiting his conversation as if he wanted to say more than
that to her.

      “Let me guess, you’re sorry,” Brandi said with beads of water dripping from her hair and body.

      “How’d you know?” Shawn replied.

      “Most people are when they have done wrong. Come with me into the house. I want you to show me
how something works down in the basement.”

      “Alright.” Shawn agreed as she offered her right hand out, and he accepted by holding it in his left

      They walked through the front door to the kitchen, and she then opened a door which revealed a
staircase going down into the basement.

      “That,” Brandi said, pointing as she let go of his left hand now.

      “The table saw?” Shawn asked.

      “Yes,” Brandi replied.

      “You turn it on and pull it back,” Shawn said.

      “Ok. You want to do me, Shawn?”

      “What?” he replied.

      “It’s alright,” Brandi said in a comforting undertone voice.

      “Alright,” Shawn said as he started moving closer to her.

      "Wait you’re moving too fast, let me blindfold you.”


      Brandi tied a piece of cloth over his eyes and then tied his hands with another piece of cloth.

      “Lay up here.” Brandi insisted guiding him.

      Shawn was unknowing where he was now laying, and uncaring due to the circumstances. Brandi
turned the table saw on and pulled back over Shawn’s lower rib cage as he squirmed.

       "What have you…………”  Shawn was trying to say.

      Shawn now joined his friends, Mark, and Jim.


      Brandi went up the stair-casing, closed the basement door, and got into the bathtub. As the water filled
the garden tub, she underneath and heard the front door open.

      “Brian, I’m in the bathroom, come on in here.”

      Brian found his way, and then went in the bathroom and seen Brandi naked.

      “Get in with me.” She said stepping into the tub.

      Brandi turned off the water, then added bubble bath to the lukewarm water and stirred her hands within
the water which formed bubbles.

      Brian never hesitated and undressed himself.

      “Can I play with that?” Brandi asked looking at his midsection.

      “Yes,” Brian said as he sat down in the garden tub, facing her.

      Brandi played with his manly parts, got it hard, and Brian laid his head back against the wall behind
him. Brandi reached for a razor blade knife with her right hand that she had hid underneath the rug on the
floor that she got from the basement. She pulled on and cut his privates off as blood rushed out, where his
penis once was.

      “What have you done?” Brian asked still sitting in the tub with both hands applying pressure on his
midsection area.

      “No more than you did to me,” Brandi said as she stood on the rug naked with the razor knife still in her
right hand.

      Brian eventually bled to death in the garden tub. The water and bubbles were red. Brandi felt good, as
she dressed herself in her bathroom. She then cleaned up and disposed of the bodies in the lake.


      “Hi Brandi, how was your day.” Her mom asked, as her dad followed closing the front door of the
house behind them.

      “Great, things are better than before,” Brandi replied smiling.

                                                                                  THE END
About Ernest Roberson Jr.

Ernest Roberson Sr. was
born in Glenwood,
Georgia and has lived
most of his life there. He
and his wife, Angie, have
five children, David, Ernest
Jr., Aaron, Christina, and
Jersey. His stories are or
will be in Blood Moon
Rising Magazine.
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