Short Story
                                                  Take Out
                                                                   By Jessie Johnson

      Running through the forest as fast as his feet can carry him, Kim Soon’s stamina begins to waiver.  
This was supposed to be a relaxing weekend of camping and now he runs for his life, literally.  They’re all
dead.  Richard, Rene, Mike, Kimberly, Michelle, Beth, Paul, Tanya; he lost Kevin a mile back after he
tripped and fell face first into a bear trap.  His heart threatened to slam though his ribcage, he needed to
stop for a rest.  Kim came to a stop and placed his back against a large tree, sank down and hugged his
knees trying to make himself look as small as possible.

      Breathing came in ragged gasps.  Never before had he ever ran like this, hell, he never had a reason
to.  This was all too surreal.  One minute they are all sitting around camp laughing and joking, next thing he
knows all hell breaks loose as something big and hairy comes in and turn’s the camp into a slaughter
ground and blood filled the air in a red mist.  

      He sat there shaking and trembling as much out of fear as exertion.  Tears stung his eyes as he
thought about Beth.  He reached for her hand to pull her along.  She grabbed it and just as he was about to
pull her to him, something flashed through the air.  He heard the crunch of bone as whatever it was exited
just behind her chin.  Beth’s grip on his hand clenched down tightly as her face slid down and fell upon the
leaves of the forest floor giving him a clear view of the sinus cavities and her brain sitting in its cranium.  
He didn’t know what had come into their camp.  All he knows is that it was big and hairy.

      A large branch snaps off to his left causing him to flinch.  Sense of flight takes over once more and he
bursts forth from his hiding place.  A whirring sound fills the air and Kim feels something strike his back
between the shoulder blades and screams out as his nerve synapsis registers the sharp pain.  He
stumbles and falls down to his knees then lays face down.  With what little energy he has left he begins a
slow crawl out of desperation.  

      Hank steps out from behind another tree and walks over and chuckles watching Kim’s ridiculous
attempt to continue to flee.  Hank’s 6 ft. 7in., 265 pound frame towers over Kim.  He sweeps back his long
stringy hair and reaches down and pulls out the throwing axe and slips the handle back into the leather
Frog hanging from his belt and pulls out a long knife.  Grabbing a hand full of hair, he lifts up Kim’s head
and pulls it back.  “No, no, no, no.  Please, don’t.  Don’t kill me,” Kim cried.  Tears ran down his cheeks.  
The sharp edge bit into the far right side of his neck and with a deliberate meanness, he pulled it very
slowly across to the other side.  Replacing the knife, Hank grabbed a leg and drug Kim back to his camp.  

      Hank had just strung up Kim’s body onto a tree limb when Jake walked out of the cave.  

      “What you got there?” asked Jake.

      “Fast food.”
About Jessie Johnson

Jessie Johnson lives in San Antonio TX with his wife, three kids, and two cats, and a partridge in
a pear tree.  He is an avid gamer and when he isn’t working his regular job he is writing.
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