Short Story
                                                Blood Sinners
                                                                    By Michelle Mendes

      Lian decides to travel to visit his friend Jeff, who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He comes from a
very small town in Corn Village, Utah.  It´s called like that because they have too many corn plantations
there.  Lian is 21 years old, very shy and well educated.  He is looking to visiting his friend´s house.

      His friend Jeff is an odd guy, because he is from a big city, knows everyone and his way on the streets.

      Once Lian arrives at the airport, his friend Jeff is there to get him. They haven´t seen each other in a
while, so he didn´t notice that his friend wasn´t himself anymore.  Already in the city, Jeff tells his friend that
has a new attraction in town, called “The Coliseum”.

      Lian gets intrigued and asks what´s going on about the attraction, but Jeff only says that they need to
check it out.

      Lian goes anyway because he trusts his friend, even though he seems kind odd. As soon as they get
there, Lian sees a huge crowd shouting and waving, so he thinks that is all good in there and look like a
good time.

      The show starts and they see gladiators fighting, chasing lions and chariot racing.  Everyone seem to
be having a good time to Lian. When the show finishes, the host comes to the audience and says that
whoever wants to stay to visit the place, is allowed to walk around for free, no extra charge.

      Many people decide to stay and explore the place. Soon after everyone is exploring the show
grounds, the danger starts.  The lions are released where they corner whoever stood there. People start to
try to use their cell phones but there is no service.  Many men shows up to capture the people.  They are
told they are being filmed by hidden cameras and their cell phones blocked by a device, which makes
them impossible to work.

      Once they are capture, they are taken to a private railroad. .  Lian is also capture but he got separated
from his friend Jeff and he is missing.  They drugged and tied everyone in to make them stop fighting and
easier to move. The men who kidnapped them tell them they are being sent to another city very far from
where they were. After some time passes, Lian wakes up and has no clue of what´s going on, but tries to
undo his hands from the bonds that hold his hands.

      A woman appears from nowhere and looks pale like a vampire. She shows him her teeth and hisses.
Lian is so shocked as what he sees that he passes out.

      The moment they arrive, Lian wakes up and see two guards waiting for orders.   Once they get the
orders, they get Lian by his arms, take him out of the train. That´s when he sees a place called “Institute of
Research for Human Blood”.

      They got in and Lian still doesn´t know where his friend Jeff is. Once they get there, he is taken to a
room all painted in white with only a bed, surveillance camera and no windows at all.

      The door opens and Jeff comes inside the room.  Not saying a word, he shows his teeth like the
mysterious woman on the train. Lian gets scared with what he sees, but this time he punches Jeff twice
really hard on his face making him fall on the floor.

      Lian sees the opportunity to escape, he grabs Jeff´s gun, keys and a small knife that he carried on his
leg, He uses the knife to cut the knot to free his hands. Meanwhile, his captors see all through the camera
and send a bunch of vampires after him. Lian runs towards the nearest exit.

      Not knowing where to go next, he wanders looking for a way out. After about a minute, he is able to
find his way out. After shooting a few vampires and knocking them down, he manages to escape.

      After getting outside, he sees himself in the middle of nowhere.  Sad for losing his friend to a bunch of
vampires, he steals a car to find the nearest police station to tell them what happened. Just as he gets into
the car, he see the vampires come out and continue their chase. As soon as he take off in the car, the
vampires stopped chasing him. He finds this really odd but is grateful.

      When he gets to the cops, he tells them his story. The sheriff says that was the craziest story that he
ever heard. So, he asks Lian to take him there.

      As soon as they get there, the sheriff cuffs Lian saying that was only for precaution. Lian doesn´t like
how it goes and try to escape again. But the sheriff grabs him.

      A vampire shows up at the door with his friend Jeff and they tell to the sheriff, thanks for bringing their
lost sheep.

      The sheriff smiles at them and leaves.  Lian screams like crazy, but this time he is unable to escape.  
They get him and put him inside of a darkroom with a bunch of hungry and sick vampires.
About Michelle Mendes

My name is Michelle Mendes. I'm 34 Years old. I have a dream in one day to become a journalist
and a writer. I'm from Brazil. I Live in a state called Rio Grande do Sul. In a city called Porto
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