Short Story
                                             Revenge Inc.
                                                                     By Ray Prew

     My name is Peter Bostwick.  I’m keeping this journal to both protect myself in any future legal
proceedings and to document the actions of my friend and employer, Mr. Frank Curry.

     After a lifetime of pulling cruel and heartless pranks on people or otherwise spreading misery, Frank
decided to go into business.  He had been doing this for most of his life, so he figured why not make some
money at it.  Together we started Revenge Incorporated.  A company dedicated to doing what he loved
best, screwing with people and making their lives miserable.  If you’ve been wronged by someone or you
need a little payback, and if you can live with the consequences of his actions, then Frank Curry is the man
for you.  Frank is a licensed private investigator, he doesn’t just gather evidence for jilted spouses or
insurance companies.  He doesn’t serve justice, he just fucks with people.

     Short and heavyset with snow white hair, he might not seem very formidable or dangerous at first
glance, but he is one of the most vicious men alive.  I’d been friends with him since childhood.  I was one of
the very few people he never hurt.  I have never really understood why he took a shine to me.  Perhaps it’s
because our parents were friends and neighbors or perhaps it’s because I never ratted on him when he
screwed with people.

     Our first day of business, we had three clients; one was a woman that wanted revenge on a man that
seduced her, took her virginity and gave her gonorrhea.  As I interviewed the lady to get the facts of the
case trying to put her at ease, Frank simply stared at her from behind his desk.  To put it simply, he just isn’
t a nice man.  I accepted her check and promised her she would have her revenge.

     The second was a man that claimed to be a writer.  He wanted revenge against a rival writer that
plagiarized his work and got a book deal that should have been his.  He was a short nervous man with a
slight limp.  Frank’s cold stare did nothing to help put our clients at ease.  I quoted a price for this case and
looked at Frank, he simply nodded.

     The third was a woman that wanted revenge against a drunk driver that killed her son.  Frank perked
up at this one, he hated drunk drivers.  He hated them so much he spoke for the first time, offering to take
her case for free.

     All three promised to be challenging and fun.

     We decided to take them in chronological order, so the first case would be the man that gave our client
a sex disease.  Frank hired a teenage girl we both knew named Janet Hinwood, to frame the man on a
rape charge.  She was quite promiscuous and basically the local high school tramp.  She already had
gonorrhea so his having a disease wouldn’t make a difference.  She seduced the man at a local bar and
went home with him.  Partway through the encounter, she started yelling rape.  The man’s neighbors called
the police and he was charged and convicted of rape and having sexual contact with a minor.  Two weeks
into his sentence, Frank arranged to have the man raped in his cell by three men with aids and herpes
giving him a lifelong disease and a death sentence.

     The next case would be the hack writer that plagiarized our clients work.  A little investigating showed
he was involved in a child custody case with his ex-wife.  Frank planted drugs and child pornography in the
man’s car and made an anonymous call to the police.  He was convicted and sentenced to a long prison
term.  He also framed the ex-wife for prostitution.  That meant the man’s child went to a foster home, with a
no contact order.  He would never see or hear about his child again.

     The third case was the drunk driver.  Frank took a special interest in this case; he decided to be
artistic with this one.

     First he had a man we knew with STD’s to seduce the drunk driver’s girlfriend giving her STD’s so he
could never touch her again.  Frank is a competent locksmith and mechanic.  One night while the drunk
driver was away, he broke into the man’s home and released a mason jar full of cockroaches, on his way
out he stole the man’s cat.  

     One of Frank’s hobbies is taxidermy, he stuffed the man’s cat, returned a few nights later, and left it
outside his door.  Because of his drunken driving conviction, the driver was ordered to undergo court
ordered rehab with random tests for compliance.  For the next three months once or twice a week, he left
liquor baskets outside the man’s door.  

     One night he paid a visit to the man’s car and monkeyed with the brakes.  The next day as the driver
left for work, he got into a terrible accident that left him crippled.  Because of his weakness for alcohol and
the liquor given to him, he failed his sobriety tests.  After three months of failing his tests because of the
baskets, not having a girlfriend anymore, the roaches infesting his home and what happened to his cat,
and becoming a cripple, the drunk driver committed suicide.

     Six months after we opened our office, we had more clients than we could handle, even the local police
hired us.  They wanted Frank to go after a man that killed a cop, but got off for lack of evidence.  The fee
for that one was simple; just let us operate in peace.

     I am sometimes amused but often appalled at his actions, on the other hand, the job pays well and
frequently we dispense justice.  If someone wrongs you and you want to get even, just give us a call we’re
happy to help.  But be sure to pay your bill, you don’t want to know how we handle collections.

                                                                             THE END
About Ray Prew

Ray Prew was originally from Rhode Island, but now lives in Florida.  He is a graduate of the
New England Institute of Technology.  He has been a blue-collar worker all his life, and started
writing as a hobby.  He spent nine enjoyable years as a phone psychic.  His work has been
published in Spinetinglers magazine, one of the stories was used in a trivia quiz.  Another was
used on a You Tube page and is narrated by someone, it is called Some Monsters Are Real and
yet another was made into a short video on You Tube called Let Me Out by Ray Prew.  He has
been published in Blood Moon Rising Magazine, Aphelion Magazine and several others.  He has
an anthology book of published and unpublished stories available on Amazon called Delightful
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