Short Story
                                     As The Rocking Chair Rocks
                                                                     By Ernest Roberson Sr.


     “Hello Grandma.”  Jamie Willis said, as he walked into the front door of the brick house.  Jamie had
lived with his grandma Georgia Mae Willis ever since 1982. Which was the year that his mother and father
got gunned down during a robbery at the airport in Los Angeles. Jamie was now18, in his senior year of
school. His grandma worried about his schooling and the friends in which he hung around. Jamie smoked
weed, cigarettes, and drank heavily. Tonight being Friday, it wouldn’t be long before he’d go out to a party
at a friend’s house. Jamie walked into his room and threw his book bag on his bed. He walked to the
closet, opened the door, and picked himself out some clothes. He left the closet door open, threw his
clothes on the bed. He then went into the bathroom and shaved. Jamie took a quick shower, dressed and
was ready. He walked towards the front door as his grandma’s voice stopped him at the door with his left
hand on the knob.

     “You going already Jamie?” his grandma asked, sitting in her rocking chair in the corner.

     “Yes ma’am, I got to go and pick someone up. I have a date tonight so you don’t have to worry

     “Alright, just be careful.” she said as he opened the front door.

     “Always.” Jamie said, walking out and closing the door.

     “Let’s party people.” Jamie said to himself on the porch.


     Jamie pulled his blue CRX into Mike Rawling’s concrete driveway. Mike’s parents went to New York on
a business trip on Wednesday. Jamie blew the horn, got out, and closed the door on the car.

     “What’s up” Jamie said, as Mike stood on the porch.

     “Nothing much fellow, but tonight I’ll be up high.” Mike responded.

     “Yelp.” Jamie agreed with a smirk on his face.

     “Come on in.”

     “Who’s all here Mike?” Jamie asked.

     “Scott Sarvis, Becky, and Jennifer Lawrence.” Mike said closing the front door.

     “I’d like to bang them both.”

     “I know right.” Mike replied.


     Since Jamie entered Mike’s house, he’d talked only to Jennifer, and that’s been over an hour now, and
a few beers. Jennifer was a junior and was only 17. Jamie, and Jennifer had decided to date within the
time that they talked.

     “It’s nearly 8, where’s everyone at?” Mike asked.

     About that time, crowds of people came in from the yard. Some came in asking Mike if they could use
a room. The majority of the crowd wanted booze and weed. The house had 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and
they were all filled with people having sex.

     Mike yelled out to everyone to be careful with the house, and they respected him, that. Jamie, and
Jennifer continued talking, drinking booze, and they also shared a joint together. Jamie seen that no one
was looking and asked Jennifer to go outside with him. She agreed and the two went out the sliding glass
door, unseen.

     “It’s pretty out tonight.” Jennifer said, looking at the stars above them in the sky.         


     “Yes.” she said looking at him now.

     “Can we make love, have sex tonight?”         


     “Maybe later?”

     “No,” Jennifer said harshly.

     “So you’re turning me down?”

     “Yes, Jamie I am and I’m going back inside now.”

     “Wait please.”

     Jennifer stopped as her right hand was on the sliding glass door.

     “I’m sorry.”

     Jennifer turned away from the sliding glass door and walked back to where Jamie was standing.

     Jamie was hurt and furious.


     Jamie grasped Jennifer’s left arm tightly and walked away from all of the windows of the house, afraid
that someone might see or hear them. Jamie raised his arm with a bottle in his left hand, as if he was
going to throw it by the bottle’s neck. Instead he bashed the bottle over Jennifer’s head as he still held her
by the arm. The amber colored bottle didn’t shatter, but it knocked her unconscious, and her body fell
limply onto the ground. Jamie then tore off her clothes as she laid on the dewy grass. Jamie undone his
clothes and had sexual intercourse with her.

     “I got your ass now.” Jamie said holding her by her throat. Jamie penetrated her, not caring. He had
finished and then he let Jennifer’s throat go, but she never moved.

     “Jennifer get up.” Jamie said dressing himself as he stood over her. Jamie knelt down and slapped her
face repeatedly.

     “It was only supposed to be a joke Jennifer.”

     “Get up damn it.”

     Standing up, he picked her partially undressed body up off of the ground, and carried her. He put her
body in the in ground pool face down.


     Jamie went into the house through the sliding glass door looking for Mike. When he found him, Mike
was passed out.

     “Never mind, all I wanted to let you know is that I’m gone.”

     Jamie got into his car and started the engine as Becky came out of the house yelling to him” Where’s
my sister?”

     “I haven’t seen her” he replied out of the driver side window.

     Becky turned and went back inside the house, as Jamie drove away.

     Jamie pulled into his grandma’s driveway, turning off his headlights, and car. He opened the glove
compartment, and pulled out a .25 caliber automatic pistol. He opened the car’s door, got out, and closed
the door.


     Jamie thought about Jennifer and his parents as he opened the front door of the house. He saw his
grandma asleep in her rocking chair in the corner of the living room.

     “I’m home grandma.” he said standing in the middle of the room.  Jamie aimed and then fired bullets
into her body making his grandma, and the rocking chair flip backwards.

     “You bitch.”

     Jamie said putting the gun to his own head, then pulled the trigger, killing himself.

                                                                     THE  END
About Ernest Roberson Sr.

Ernest Roberson Sr. was
born in Glenwood,
Georgia and has lived
most of his life there. He
and his wife, Angie, have
five children, David, Ernest
Jr., Aaron, Christina, and
Jersey. He has five stories
which was published in
Blood Moon Rising
Magazine; “Children of the
Grave' in  issue #59 which
came out  Jan 2015, “The
Body Snatcher” in issue
#60 which came out Apr.
2015 and “From the
Scarecrow's Eyes” in
issue #61 which comes
out in July 2015. “Have
Yourself a Merry Little
Death”, issue #62 which
comes out in Oct. 2015
and 'Close Your Eyes For
Me” will be published in
issue #63 which comes
out in Jan. 2016.
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