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                          When Daylight Comes
                                                         By Carol Wolfe

 Tommy was ready for bed.  He had changed into his dinosaur pajamas,
grabbed his favorite blanket and was curled up by Daddy on the sofa.  Daddy
had turned all the lights off except one small lamp sitting on the end table.

 "Daddy, would you tell me a story?" he asked.  Daddy looked into the big,
blue eyes staring up at him and smiled.

 "Which story would you like to hear?" dad asked.

 "I want to hear the one about the monsters that come out when we're

 Mommy came in with a cup and set it down for Tommy.  "Be careful, Tommy,
it's very warm."

 "Thank you Mommy.  Daddy is going to tell me a story."

 "He is?" she said.  "That's sounds fun, but Daddy needs to make sure it's
not too scary, so you can sleep." Mommy leaned over and kissed Daddy and
ruffled Tommy's hair.  "I'm going to go clean the kitchen, remember," she said
pointing at Daddy, "Not too scary.  And don’t forget you still need to take out
the garbage.”

 Mommy left and Tommy snuggled closer to Daddy.  Daddy put his arm
around the little boy and pulled him closer.

 “When we are safe in our house, with the curtains closed and the doors
locked and we are all tucked in our beds, that’s when the monsters come
out.  They are everywhere outside and it isn’t safe for us to out.  We stay

 “Why isn’t safe outside, Daddy?”  Tommy asked taking a drink from the cup
Mommy had given him.

 “Because,” Daddy replied, “the monsters are outside and they are very

 “Would they hurt us, Daddy?” Tommy asked, his eyes getting bigger than
they were before.

 “They would hurt us. They don‘t like us,” Daddy said, “so we stay inside our
house until they go to sleep.”

 “What do the monsters do outside?” Tommy asked taking another drink.

 “They come out and they are everywhere.  They are at the park, where you
like to play, they are at the store, where Mommy finds dinner and they are at
the building where I work.”

 “Are there little monsters, too?” Tommy asked.

 “Yes, there are little monsters, too.  The little ones are even meaner than
the big monsters.  The little monsters make horrible sounds, and they fight
with each other, and sometimes they even bite!  They take things that belong
to others.  They are not nice like you are, Tommy.”

 Daddy could tell that Tommy was very scared.  So he said, “But when we
wake up, it’s time for the monsters to go away.  They go back inside their
houses and go to sleep.  That’s when we can come out.  But, when the
monsters are outside, we stay in our house with the curtains closed and the
doors locked and we are all tucked in our beds.  We are safe from the

 “That was scary, Daddy.” Tommy said.

 “Was it too scary?” Daddy asked.

 “No, not really,” Tommy replied.

 “Finish up,” Daddy said smiling.  “Mommy wants to wash the dishes so we
can all go to bed.”

 “And you have to take the garbage out, too.” Tommy reminded him.

 “Yes, I do!” Daddy said.  Daddy took Tommy’s cup into the kitchen while
Tommy went to brush his teeth.

 Daddy gave Mommy the cup and grabbed the garbage bag.  Halfway to the
door he noticed it was leaking and saw a piece of cloth peeking out of a hole
in the side.

 “Sorry, hon.  It looks like we need to get the heavy duty garbage bags from
now on.  This is heavy.  What do you have in here?”

 Mommy grabbed the mop and playfully swung it in his direction.  “The
plumber,” she said and they both laughed.  “Lucky I didn’t dump the mop
water out yet so I’ll clean the mess up.”

 Daddy came back a few minutes later, to find Mommy turning out the lights.  
Daddy locked both locks on the back door and followed Mommy into the
hallway.  They turned off all the lights, checked the locks on the doors and
windows, and pulled the heavy curtains closed.  Tommy stood in the hallway
with his blanket over one arm and his little teddy bear clutched in the other.

 “Daddy, I’m scared.  Can I sleep with you and Mommy?”

 Mommy looked at Daddy and he grinned sheepishly.

 “I told you not to make it too scary.” Mommy chastised.

 “Sorry.” Daddy replied.

 “You can sleep with us,” Mommy said leaning over and ruffling Tommy’s
hair.  Daddy opened the door and they walked down the stairs.  A few
minutes later, Mommy was in bed with Tommy tucked in next to her.  Daddy
locked the basement door and then he locked the bedroom door before
climbing in beside Tommy.  Daddy leaned over and kissed Mommy and then
he kissed Tommy.

 “All ready?” Daddy asked.

 “All ready.” Mommy replied.

 “All ready!” Tommy echoed.

 Daddy reached up and pulled the heavy lid down on the casket.

 Outside, as the sun came up, the humans began to stir and come out of
their houses.  But Daddy, Mommy and Tommy did not worry.  They were
inside their house with the curtains closed and the doors locked, all tucked in
bed and safe.  
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