Dark Poetry
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Poetry by Jeremiah Jaster, Jade Horne
and William Lau
By Jade Horne

Body so thin it looks like elastic
I’m spending my life wrapped in plastic

Starvation, the key to be admired
Set in my ways, my brain is wired

Hands are so weak that they shake to the touch
Trying to focus, it hurts too much

The smell of food, making me sick within
Why is it so hard to get so thin?

Society states you have to be fake
No body fat, body of a rake

Pressure is on my bones, muscles they Ache
Questioning what my body can take

All about being untrue to yourself
I’m destroying my physical health

For success you need to be size zero
Then be adored as if a hero

We live in a world where looks say it all
I follow their trends, I am their fool.
About William Lau

William Lau is a teacher
by profession and writes
poetry and short fiction
in his spare time. He
hopes to publish more
in the near future.
By Jeremiah Jaster

Her flesh has became sweet,
like buttermilk,
but highly tainted with strong alcohol,
and a sour aftertaste.
I should have started on her earlier
when she was still fresh.
Now nature has had its way.

The feeling of the skin is all wrong,
it shifts too much.
I tried to draw her away from the rest of them
but something pulled unexpectedly
tissues seeming to rupture under the exertion.
Something spilled out, seeping into the carpet;
it couldn't absorb it all.

It was too thick
Clumpy really.
The  muscles seem to be reforming under my touch,
slipping to the side, as my fingers dip
into a space I cannot see.
They have the texture of warm tapioca
as her limbs seem to elongate under gravity.

I caught her staring at me again.
There were no eyelids to close,
and she never stops smiling.
Her teeth are mostly inedible unless crushed,
though, I try not to touch her face.
The blood has pooled in her limbs,
drawing the color from her once rosy cheeks.

In the morning, the sun casts her
in a hue resembling life.
It is fleeting though.  In a hour or so the light shifts
and she is dead again.
I make sure I never miss those moments,
when her amber colored eyes
express the glow they had in life.

The walls seem to move by inches
closing in around me.
The Christmas lights I strung up flicker.
I mean to replace them, but I can't leave her here alone.
I promised she would never have to be,
that one way or another we would be together,
a part of one another.

Outside, the snow collects on the window sill.
I try to dig the kids out every morning.
After tonight's storm I don't think I will find them.
Christmas just isn't the same if they weren't here though.
I keep the presents under the tree,
and the ornaments and tinsel hung in place.
Christmas day. Together with my family.

What else could I ask for?
About Jeremiah Jaster

My current project is an ongoing horror themed blog called
"Wellington Street." New material is added every Wednesday and
Sunday. I am also the author of "The Children Will Play," which is
available for purchase via Amazon.com. This is a collection of my
short stories, as well as my poetry.
The Silent Scream
By Jade Horne

Inside the womb a child he lay
But this is not where the child shall stay
mother is selfish and does not care
For this child she does not want to bare
All She wants is her drugs,drink and smokes
To sleep with as many different blokes
drinking alcohol until she chokes
Baby boy your not safe in you're bed
You are not safe where you sleep and rest you're head
She won't rest until your blood is bled
She is careless, Emotionless and vain
She won't care about your growing brain
She leaves it so long she's truly insane
Five months pass, she thinks time is ticking
All this is from lack of care and thinking
You can feel pain now,you can feel fear
You have started to see, even to hear
mum only cares about her next beer
To her you’re a problem, must go away
You're mum made a mistake, you must pay
The fear and agony that fills you're heart
As the tools come, to tear you apart
you're silent scream it can never be Heard
You're heart beat is faint, and vision blurred
pay the price for your mothers selfish ways
You will never see your future days
You'll never feel sunlight, or your first breath
But mum, pleased and celebrates your death.
Welcome to the Apocalypse!
By William Lau

Welcome to the apocalypse!
From which abominations arise
The blade cuts deep
I drinketh from thee
Revel now
The party begins
Give up thy soul
For all eternity

Insanity is just round the corner
dagger teeth,
spitting blood and saliva and vomit
the dreariness of daily life
the day is grimness
that time of the afternoon
when all things are possible
snuffed out at the twinkling of an eye

Come the apocalypse
Let it burn through my eyes
so that I can see those everlasting suns
and be a witness to my own misfortune
which is also a new beginning
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About Jade Horne

"I am just starting out as
a poet and only just
developing my skills and
experimenting with
different styles. All of my
poems are related to real
life topics, with strong
emotion behind them.
Everything I write is
inspired by life. Poetry
for me isn't just a hobby,
it's a way of channeling
my emotion, sharing my
views on paper."