Short Story
            Scarlet’s Revenge
                                    By Tiffany Renee Harmon

Scarlet readied herself.  This was the moment she’d been waiting for since
she’d been turned three years ago.  She vividly remembered the blonde man’
s hands’ unwanted caresses and the pain that followed as he’d violated her
body.  When he’d finished, he left her to die on the cold, wet sidewalk with
blood seeping from her wounds, mixing with rain, and flowing into the gutter.  
That had attracted the attention of her reluctant savior Marcus.  He’d only
wanted to feed on her remains, but he couldn’t resist keeping around the
spark of life he’d sensed in her.

Now, three years later, she had finally tracked down the blonde man:
Wesley.  She’d tracked his every move from his cushy office job to his three-
bedroom home that housed his nuclear family.

She knew tonight would be the night.  She spotted him stumbling out of the
bar, staggering towards his Camry.  He chortled to himself as he fumbled with
his keys and dropped them.  By the time he managed to pick them up, Scarlet
was there.  He turned and looked at her, his eyes glazed over with disinterest
and not even a hint of recognition.  Angered, she felt her pupils dilate as her
eyes transformed from blue to an animalistic amber.  Her fangs dropped her
incisors and  a primal growl rumbled in her throat.

The blonde man’s face filled with confusion, but there was still no fear.  He
clearly thought that what he saw was the result of his substance-induced
haze, but then Scarlet grabbed his arms.  Her grasp was surprisingly strong
when he looked at her delicate frame, and that was the moment Wesley knew
that this creature before him was something very real and very dangerous.

Scarlet yanked on his arms and twisted him to the right.  He yelped as his
head snapped back, exposing his neck.  She clamped her fangs down into
his jugular, penetrating his soft flesh, violating him as he had violated her.  
She sucked and sucked though she’d never tasted blood so bitter.

She let him go, tossing him onto the sidewalk, watching him try to crawl away.  
He tried to get up and run, but he kept stumbling, dizzy from the blood loss.  
Like a tiger toying with her prey, Scarlet raced forward and batted him to the

Then she lunged forward,  her body trapping his to the ground.  She clawed
at his face, leaving deep gashes in his cheeks.  As he screamed, she
clamped a hand over his mouth, suffocating his protests.

Slowly, she leaned forward and began sucking again, feeling his life force
seeping away, relishing the power.  She moved her hand away from his
mouth knowing he was far too weakened to make significant noise.

He whispered something inaudible, bubbles of blood hemorrhaging at his
lips.  He coughed and she leaned forward, her yellow eyes swimming with
hate.  He tried to speak again, but she prevented it by digging her claws into
his vocal chords and ripping them out, silencing him forever.  She stood and
walked off into the night, leaving his corpse bleeding on the sidewalk,
knowing there was no hope for him to ever rise again.
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