Dark Poetry
Poetry by Alexis Child and Christopher Hivner
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Back to the Asylum
       By Alexis Child

Every word you said was
spoken out of my bones
Pieces of dust
The rest of you would
hold me back from the future
I swim up from the bottom
of a black sleep
as you remember somebody
else's life
Your eyes are everywhere
Your teeth gleaming tombstones
The chill grips my heart with
a mortal ache
Remembering you, I see colours
and shapes leaning over me
like nurses attending to the infirmed
You were just the sort of drug
a woman would invent
Now I am almost the same again
I should leave my room
A windowless corridor of pain
threatening to shut me in again
Confined to the grounds
of this asylum
My memories circle the empty air
sliding down my back like a cold draft
as Summer ends
stranded in the middle of a huge silence
Walking with the Dead
               By Alexis Child

I wear the garb of the dead
as I have never really lived
I'm pleased as a murderer
who has dealt his blow
I walk in the most gloomy
part of town
black as the grave
Was I being led by the devil?
in the abode of human trash,
vice, and crime
Could they steal my soul,
my sordid mind?
Who caused me to fall
into this trap!
A few steps more and
it's absinth time
temptations of the world
My spirits revived
As I write a letter to the dead
This is where I long to be
As I feel the shadows move across my skin
Feel my scarred soul and I will let you in...
About Alexis Child

Alexis Child hails from Toronto, Canada and she
worked at a Call Crisis Centre befriending demons of
the mind that roam freely amongst her writings.  Her
poetry and fiction have been featured in numerous
online and print publications, including Black Petals,
Estronomicon eZine, Midnight Lullabies Anthology,
Sein und Werden, The Horror Zine, and elsewhere. Her
book, Devil in the Clock, will be released in print in the
future by WitchFinder Press. Visit her website:
By Alexis Child

The candle is my moonlight
Where hope has a key
The light shines in your smile
But fear is far-reaching
Drawing blank looks
vague as fog
Without love we are lost
Were you drawn across
the sky to save me
When loneliness is my lot?
I crawl to the past
that has battered me
Shadow enemies have
stolen the years
I do not have time
for the 12th of never
as you speak in many tongues
worshipping my silence
About Christopher

Christopher Hivner
writes from a small town
in Pennsylvania
surrounded by books
and the echoes of
music. He has recently
been published in The
Horror Zine, Inner Sins,
Static Movement and
the Shadow Masters
anthology. A collection
of horror stories, “The
Spaces Between Your
Screams” was published
by eTreasures
Publishing. Details
about all his writing can
be found at www.
Broken Dreams
       By Alexis Child

I am dying for a dream
Where death should be dead
I am a pawn in a strange game
Under the gift of earth and sky
One looks down in secret
and sees many things
Which way is heaven?
A light in the broken darkness
that shines on 'til tomorrow
The devil waits outside my door
broken by the world
Killing me over and over again
I pay him with a smile
and the sun dissappears
where no soul can breathe
the truth of a dream
Galaxy of Grief
By Alexis Child

I am a stranger in God's house
and yours: my own dark secret
Wrapped in untold lies
Unlock the door
All the colours of the rainbow
Clad in your medicinal black
To keep fugitive shadows away
Light is not my own
The moon steals its brightness
Our strength is fading
As the heart melts like wax
Be not far from me
Trapped between two solitudes
I return to the immense silence
between your space and mine
A dreamless eternity
like the billions of years
before I came to be this dying star
In the Past
By Christopher Hivner

A black sheet,
cold as steel,
covers me
for what I need to do
and someday
I will repay the favor.
Your Soul is Mine
By Christopher Hivner

bless you
and keep you
until I take you
and reap you

my scythe is sharp
and steady
always at my side
and ever-ready

fear not
cold and shivering lamb
it is not evil
merely your time

close your eyes
and go to sleep
your soul is mine
to hold and keep
Bring the Dip
By Christopher Hivner

Buckets of blood
and corpses stacked like cordwood;
another party at Crazy Charlie’s.
Bring a date
and stay for the door prizes.
The Mrs.
By Christopher Hivner

He broke the rules
not home by sundown.

"Beyond my control"
he pled in melodrama
worthy of the stage.

From across the room
she could smell his musk,
old spice and vaginal juice.

"Where is she?"
the Mrs. bellowed
in a decibel above rage.

He opened his mouth to protest
but couldn’t speak
with his testicles in his throat.

"Where is she?"
the Mrs. asked again, calmly.

"In the trunk"
he said with a sigh,
slumping his shoulders.

"After sunset," the Mrs. spit,
"is my time."

"Yes dear."

"Now bring her in
and make sure she's dead,"
the Mrs. purred
as her robe fell to the floor.
By Christopher Hivner

Sputnik circled the globe in ‘57
a penny for your thoughts of spies and death and war and peace

In the desert they decorated themselves and danced
mescaline dreams of the Lizard King and king lizards

The Antarctic winter reaches -90̊
hundred year old bodies still buried in the snow call out at night

No one knows the real truth
about what happens on this earth
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