Dark Poetry
By Phil Slattery

All is damnably quiet.
I can hear the spiders spinning in the darkness,
the breath of a rat against the stone walls,
a cockroach crawling through the sulphur-laden air.
The roaring silence fills the air like the grumble of the sea.

Pitiless Eternity.

But a second ago he was here,
he whose eyes glowed like falling stars in bottomless pools,
he with the comforting voice of the practiced whore.
My wounds still bleed, my sleeves are still wet.
The rats have yet to smell the droplets on the floor.

For what have I been sold?
Square roots? Sines? Sums?
Will I profit knowing winds are not the breath of God
knowing the sun is not a chariot of fire?
knowing mountains are not the bones of giants?
knowing why the sound of pouring wine tickles the ear?
why lovers' eyes sparkle as purest silver?
why cool grass and shade bring easy sleep?

Did Da Vinci paint with a carpenter's angle?
Michaelangelo sculpt with a plumb?

I will be reduced to monotonous lectures and boring sums.
And should I escape eternal hell
I nonetheless lose my soul.
Poetry by Phil Slattery, C.V. Hack and Justin Tate
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Happily Ever After
                     By C.V. Hack

My love chose to end her life
On this cold
Dark winter’s night

Her blood spilt on the floor
Wet tears
Come once more

Rain pours, wind screams from the outside
And yet I can feel
An icy chill deep within me

One hundred candles burn
As I gaze upon her corpse
I now realize, it is my turn

The razor in her hand looks at me and grins
I grasp the blade as metal once again meets flesh
I bite down on my lip as it works its way on in

Maybe if I cut hard enough
I can carve myself a smile
Maybe if I cut hard enough, I can rest for awhile

I try to relax, recalling memories from the past
And of this decaying earth
That I shall never see again, no I will never be back

A sound comes from the darkness, a gentle laugh
Tries to lull me to sleep, tries to ensnare me in its trap
I can feel her ghostly arms wrap around me
I can smell her sweet perfume surround me
She is almost here… come my dear… come
Her touch within the shadows
I do not fear
For she is finally here
And as we were two souls undone
We shall now forever be one
Separated by life
Brought together again in death
Soon I may touch her skin
And again taste her lips of crimson
For even the grave
Cannot keep her from me
Burning in Hell
Rotting where the demons dwell
It’s just as well
As long as we’re together
Together forever
And that my friends,
Is my ‘happily ever after’
Phil Slattery has been writing fiction and poetry off and on since 1990.
Currently, he is working with the horror genre. His works of horror to
date have been published in Every Day Fiction, Sorcerous Signals,
and Midnight Times. “Faust” was originally published in The Hollins
Critic in 1992.
About C.V. Hack
Chingy-Chingy Chugga-Chug Vroom Vroom Pow
By Justin Tate

Chingy-chingy chugga-chug vroom vroom pow!
Goes the cheery chainsaw when shit gets wild.
Chop the haters up, turn 'em all to chow,
Feed ya to the dogs, do it with a smile.
Chingy-chingy chugga-chug vroom vroom whine!
Whinin' more than you did, which was all the time.
Thought you were special, a person divine,
But you were worthless, worth less than a dime.
Chingy-chingy chugga-chug vroom vroom growl!
Rev'd up and ready, gon' in for the kill.
Metal 'gainst marrow, a decadent howl,
Hate to see ya go, lookin' like oatmeal!
Chingy-chingy chugga-chug vroom vroom boom!
Crazy, maybe, but I make a great costume!
About Justin Tate

Justin Tate's poetry
has been published in
many literary journals,
webzines and
anthologies. His latest
book - The Death
Sonnets - is available
now on Amazon.com.
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