Dark Poetry
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Shadows in the Forest
               By Ed Pessalano

Shining silver trees,
Shimmering in the sun,
Sparkling drops of rain glinting.
Leaves of gold and silver glimmer,
in the setting sun,
darkness shadows.
black glowing creatures,
emerging from the black,
ripping the leaves,
tearing the gold and silver.
Silver sap flowing,
screeching cries renting the air,
as the creatures destroy,
all the silver trees.
Darkness spreads,
the silver forest full of death,
nothing left alive.
My Fair Lady
By Ed Pessalano

London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down,
People dying, children crying.
Giving lives to the reaper.
Giving souls to the All Mighty.
Death will take everybody.
London Bridge is falling down,
Watch them bleed crimson honey.
The thick pools of blood around bodies.
All the crows cry into the night.
Watch them fall down, down, down.
My fair lady.
Dark Haze
By Ed Pessalano

Dark nights,
Twinkling lights.
Flying dragons,
Taffy wagons.
Bright tents,
Silver pence.
Golden coin,
Tender loin.
Looming moon,
Women swoon.
Bright eyes,
Tight ties.
Standing tall,
Moving wall.
Roaring lion,
Child cryin'.
Cotton Candy,
Soft yet sandy.
Bubble gum?
You look glum.
Sleepy eyes,
Your brother cries.
Finally falling,
Now he's bawling.
At last you're gone,
You're now my pawn.
As you see, you were not clever,
Now you will rest with me forever.
Poetry by Ed Pessalano and Alexis Child
By Ed Pessalano

Images of darkest theme,
Blackest pits and darkest minds,
Silent whispers, Silence screams,
Leaving logic far behind.

Binding thoughts set free
Shadows binding prey, beware!
Shocking worries finding me
With empty mind, there's space to spare.

Walking down a darkened road,
Demonic glances, gazes, glares,
On my back, a mighty load,
My demons hover close and scare!

And now my heart is heavy held
My head hung low beneath the shine
As all my terrors, fears, are weld
Into this Nightmare I call mine.

For seven days a restless sleep
Has plagued my intermittent soul;
For seven days I often weeped:
My sanity, a demons' goal.
Twisted Land
By Ed Pessalano

In this twisted land of dreams
Is any of this real
Or is it all a dream
Nothing is impossible
Nothing is as it seems
Question every movement
It may just be your last
If something even whispers
Get away from there fast
In this twisted land of dreams
Or is nightmares closer to true?
Look carefully into every shadow
Something's always after you
Close My Eyes
By Alexis Child

My face is blurred by dreams
I am haunted by the road untaken
The wind comes down
to bring a banishing of stars
I could die in the amount of time
it takes for the rain to fall

Some dreams change
Others fade
long and lingering deaths
I am in a room of ghosts
with no disguise but silence

The world becomes so small
I cannot recognize it anymore
I steal you away to darkened corners
Feel my scarred soul and sight
And when you crawl under my skin
I will let you in
A Rose for Alexis
By Alexis Child

The call will come
A rapping at the door
Floorboards creak under
the weight of worry
The thunder roars
Tensions held high
Just another senseless murder
Another devil in disguise
She prayed her heart out
For sheltering skies
A ghost to begin with
that did not know how to die
The Dreaming Skull
By Alexis Child        

We could not remain in dreams
That blind sense of being
Spotless soul
The gods belong to one world
Where no mouth is shut
I will breathe under water
My origin and end
Where we voyage
The dangers are many
The awakened eye ignores
The priest’s hands invoking no pain
All the doors have shut against me
Casting shadows in their dying

The moon eclipses the spiritless room
It will store my heart
Reflecting nothing at all
A wound I can’t let go of
The emptiness of letting go
Voices of sorrow and loneliness
Sleep with white eyes and belong to me and you
Cold-blooded Father, I resemble you
A small funeral, a lullaby
Where you shut your eyes at the end
What I lack is black across the sun
We freeze in the perilous air
The voices of failure have no other expression
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