Dark Poetry
A Vampire Pantoum
                        by Kelly Ramsdell Fineman

Come with me
Midnight comes soon
Flying free
We soar beneath the moon

Midnight comes soon
The shadows shrink away
We soar beneath the moon
And over the bay

The shadows shrink away
The air is still
And over the bay
It’s time for us to kill

The air is still
But none can slow our pace
It’s time for us to kill
We leave without a trace

None can slow our pace
Flying free
We leave without a trace
Come with me
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“Dead Hour”
by Stephanie Wytovich

The mud squished in between my toes
Blackening my nails with grime and soot
As I felt the hair on my legs stand up
From the chill of the wind
And the coldness of the snow

I crawled to the woods
Leaving bloody footprints behind
While I stuck my nose in the disturbed, frosted soil
Sniffing out your scent,
Wafting in the stench of fear

The moon reflected off my eyes
Causing my pupils to dilate,
While I felt the warmth of your blood
Pulsating in the crevices of your neck

Claws ripped through the tips of my fingers
Violently twisting as my bones broke
And my jaw extended, revealing my muzzle
While the harsh winter air
Caused snot to roll down my mouth

Your flesh tore easily
Saturated with the sweetness of blood
Leaving smear marks on my whiskers,
I sliced my tongue as I licked my fangs
All the while hungering for more meat

It wasn’t until the howling started
Till the pack screamed in the night
That the clock struck midnight in my head

I was in between worlds,
Neither living, nor dead
But breathing in your corpse
A masquerade of emotions
Running through my head
Combing my fur coat
By Max Keanu

Hey, Meyou!
Let's swim, let's dance
We’re happy, tiny hands
Tiny feet, just us.

Our floating world is
Forever? Our heaven.
No! Youme, listen! Voices!
They say, nothing's forever.

Whisssssssssssssssssssssss... chang!
Our mother walks daily
One hour, heart heavy.
Prays, begs him, Forgive me!!!
Cries alone. Pleads.

Whiss... chang!

Dance, dance, happy
Together, we grow
Kick mom awake
Inside out. Play.

Whisss... chang!

Meyou, squeeze my
Umbilical to mommy
I'll squeeze yours, ha-ha.
Mommy, were hungry!

Whissss... chang!

Youme, listen, feel, mommy
In shower, warm water cascade.
Out there, so wonderful!
Mom's home. Six by eight cell.

Whisssss... chang!

Mommy so sad, resigned
World gone mad, black, white
Daddy, dead. What is...
Murder? Thou shall....

Whisssss... chang!

Not kill. Mommy!
Sad, again! Why?
World wonderful
Waiting for us.

Whisssss... chang!

Birth! Not today Youme.
Meyou, you ready?
Lives together, from the start
Soon depart, life’s starts.

Whisssssss... chang!

Birth! Today! You go first.
Contraction! Okay, let go of me.
By-by, Youme. The squeeze.
Tight. See you on the outside!

Whissssssss... chang!

Here I come. Contraction!
Behind you, Meyou
So scared. I hear
Other voices. Emerge...


Evie, tried, lawyer did too
Stay refused, honey
Thirty days is all...
All white jury.


Thirty days! By guillotine?
My babies! Mother love!
New lives! Mercy!
Ain't fair! All's lost!


Life aint ever fair, baby.
Black woman loves
White man's demands
Abused. You only protected...


Murder in the first? Premeditate?
Evie, the babes... just fate.
Give away? Orphans?
No ma, no pa. Pray for them.

WHISSS... chang!

Meyou! Air world, so loud.
You. Gone. Umbilical? Gone.
Oh, this world, so beautiful!
Our outside mommy, so unhappy!


Youme, I see you
At the teat. Love. Mother.
Taste. Smell. Hear. Life!
Our wonderful world!


Days pass. Priest comes.
Mommy cries, prays for us.
Taken away. Goodbye you, you!
Dead mama walking. Goodbye Mommy


Meyou. Youme. Separated. Forever.
From me, from all I was
So much, love in us
Family, sould be
So warm to touch
So soft to sleep
So soothing
So love
So much... so learn!
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