Dark Soul's
Nightmare News

Bleed All About It

By Dark Soul

      Okay people, now that Godzilla King of The Monsters is over.....it’s time for the main event in 2020.
You know what I'm talking about???  Godzilla vs Kong.... good or bad, it’s going to be one hell of a smack
down when these two go at it. The 1963 film was fun seeing the two monsters fight but this is going to be

      Okay here is the rundown of some of the horror movies coming out in late 2019-2020 and some of
them really made me roll my eyes.  Okay, why I don't know, but we have a shit load of remakes coming that
most of us never asked for and are way too young of a film to have any remakes and or re-boots but get
ready they’re are coming. Black Christmas was just remade in 2006 but it’s getting another one this
December 13th. Also and get this as another re-boot that no one wanted nor did we want, the first but get
ready for Freddy when a NEW R-BOOT of A Nightmare on Elm Street hits theaters in 2020. It’s only been
10 years since the last "re-boot" and now like no one learned from that mess, "let's do it again!" Another
remake again....will be The Grudge, yes in less than 20 years this movie is getting made for the 3rd time.  
Once for an American audience in 2002 from the Japanese film titled Ju-on in 2000, and now again in
2020, it’s getting remade again. Guess in 2 to 5 years someone will remake it again.

      And now onto the biggest WTF thinking when it comes to re-boots! After a little more than 20 years,
the people at Marvel want to re-boot Blade!  At the San Diego Comic Con, Marvel Studios people said
that they have plans on doing a new Blade with actor Mahershala Ali in the role of Blade.  Why...why can't
Hollywood leave shit alone?  Can't they come up with anything new?  Okay here's a movie for you....3 guys
on a boat are fishing for a really big fish!  Can't they find anything new!  A re-boot of Blade....didn't they
learn from the Hellboy mess?

      Okay, so now onto something new....well sort of!  The late 70’s series Fantasy Island is getting a new
up-date.  Okay so I know that's not new, they tried that badly a few years ago with a new TV series....
however this time its horror based!  "Say What????" Bloody Hell that's right, a horror themed Fantasy
Island with Mr. Roarke is coming in 2020, but you know that may just be pretty good.  Just think of all the
possibilities for this and you see what I mean.

      Also coming soon is Underwater, A Quiet Place 2, Doctor Sleep, We Summon The Darkness and 3
From Hell, the long awaited sequel to The Devils Rejects.  Oh and here's a remake that has not been done
to death, Candyman, plus I guess Death is not done yet with Final Destination 6.