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By Dark Soul

      Well we are just a year away now from the epic smack down in history.....Godzilla vs King Kong
coming out in 2020. But before the two titans clash, look for Godzilla King of The Monsters hit this spring.  
This will be the first Godzilla since the 2014 Godzilla American reboot followed by Kong: Skull Island.

      There will be a host of horror remakes this coming year that some will be needed.....as others, we here
at Blood Moon Rising don't see the point.  First up is Child's Play, that's right Chucky is back and like we
need it, he's getting a remake-reboot for 2019. Even though there was just Cult of Chucky a year ago
keeping the storyline going of the killer doll, someone thought it was going to be a good idea to start over
fresh and do it all over again as if the last 30 years of Chucky films never happened. Also what seems like
a pointless remake is The Fly. Over thirty years after the brilliantly produced David Cronenberg movie The
Fly, there is plans to remake the movie that is in itself a remake of the 1958 Vincent Price film. How this
could ever top the 1986 movie I don't bloody know, but we will see when The Fly returns to theaters.

      Other remakes are in the works as well with The Grudge....again! and a remake/ reboot of Hellboy
coming this year. Also Firestarter from the 80's, a remake of the 1990 film Jacob's Ladder and 1989's Pet
Sematary. As for new horror films, we have The New Mutants that's a blend of superhero and horror and
The Curse of Lallorona along with The Prodigy. Good to know something is going to be new in 2019.

      In TV horror news, the series reboot of Charmed has been given a full season run along with
Legacies, the spin-off of The Originals, that itself a spin-off the Vampire Diaries. And Supernatural now in
its 14th year run will be going into its 15th come the start of the 2019/2020 TV season, making it the
all-time longest running horror series of all time. That show is going to run forever!