Dark Soul's
Nightmare News

Bleed All About It

By Dark Soul

     Well, it looks like after 18 years, that there will be a sequel to Deep Blue Sea…..why, I don’t know. Now
don’t get me wrong, I kinda liked the movie when I saw it in the theater and a few times again on TV. But I
don’t see how they can top it and it’s a movie that a lot of people didn’t like. Oh well it’s a coming! The son
of the late great George Romero is picking up where his father left off. George was working on a new
zombie movie when he passed but his son Cameron will see the project through. The new movie titled
Rise of the Living Dead is still in the works but it’s good to know that even though George is gone there is
still a Romero cranking out Living Dead films.

     Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has since departing from the WWE, made a lot of movies over the years
and is always a big draw to his films and the biggest guy in the film. But now he plays the little guy in his
next movie Rampage when he co-stars with a Kong sized white Gorilla. Along with the big ape, it is said
that this new creature feature will have The Rock and his Primate friend fighting monsters run amok. Okay,
so it sounds dumb as shit, but hey its The Rock it can only be fun.

     The trailers for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom are now out and it looks good. Hey Jurassic World was
pretty damn good and it was good to see the series return after 14 long years. And it returned NOT as a
reboot but a true sequel to the other films giving it strength both on its own but paying its homage to the
movies that came before in both story and events. Plus who don’t want to see a T-Rex kick some ass. The
film due out soon will also be a return for Sam Neil and Jeff Goldblum from the original movies. How cool
will that be…..the gang altogether again along with the new cast members from Jurassic World.

     Well, the X-Files are back again for another go around. After the series ended in 2002 it was brought
back as two feature films and a short lived 5 episode renewal series in 2016. But it looks like Mulder and
Scully will be back in action as FOX has the two returning in a new X-Files series. Not sure at this time if it
will run the rest of the 2017-2018 TV season or how many episodes will be in this new series return. In any
case it will be good to see David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson back in action!

     The Monster Verse is now in full swing now that the first Godzilla and King Kong films are out of the
way. Now following in their wake will be Godzilla: King of the Monsters in 2019 followed by the one we all
really want to see Godzilla vs King Kong in 2020.  I only wish we didn’t have to two long….long years to
see it plus a full year to see the next Godzilla.  As for Universal’s re-boot of its Classic Monsters after the
train wreck of The Mummy, they are no longer planning on going forward to remake any of their Monster
movies of the 30’s 40’s and 50’s. That means the next that was in line to get a re-make, re-boot was Bride
of Frankenstein and now it’s on hold…..thanks Tom and your Mummy mess! Looks like we will never, ever
get to see the one movie Monster of theirs that has never seen a remake…..The Creature from the Black