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By Dark Soul

      I’m delighted to announce the new Blood Moon Rising Facebook project, Saturday Night Chillers. This
all new Facebook movie show is the brain child of BMRs publisher AL J. Vermette, who was looking for
just the right place to showcase his idea. AL asked me since I am the magazines movie reviewer and
Blood Fest host to be the face and host of this new project.

      Together with AL’s black cat Pumpkin, we bring a fresh batch of indie horror shorts and features from
around the world to our Facebook page Saturday Night Chillers. Along with indie flicks, we also broadcast
each week horror music videos, cool documentaries and other fun creepy stuff that you’re going to love.  
To catch our next show of Saturday Night Chillers click on this link to view our page.  https://www.facebook.

      So okay…..in 2015, we had the new Godzilla and this year we got a new King Kong film. The setup is
to have these two creature meet and battle in one big monster bash in two years. We have seen this
before in 1963’s King Kong vs Godzilla but now this battle of the all-time titans will rumble in the 21st
Century. I can’t wait to see this one in 2019. Godzilla is also rumored to make a showing in the next Pacific
Rim movie along with more outings for the big G.  

      Talk about remakes these days, the people from Universal Studios are bringing back their old
monster lineup starting with The Mummy. Now by the time you read this, we all know that The Mummy was
not the hit Universal hoped for to start off their monster reunion. Their monster reboot was to include
Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolf Man and even the Invisible Man but now with the poor return of The
Mummy, it may be questioned that they will proceed with this monster return. I hope not because there is
talk of remaking the Creature From The Black Lagoon…..but then again this has been talked about for the
past 30 years.

      Bad news for fans of the series Sleepy Hollow.  After four seasons and 62 episodes, FOX cut the
head off the Headless Horseman and axed the show for the fall 2017-2018 seasons. Also on FOX and
killed off is the horror comedy Scream Queens. Much to the dismay of our publisher who loved this silly
show the murder who done it will not return in the fall. Sorry AL.

      It’s said to be the last installment entry into the Planet of the Apes saga, War For The Planet of The
Apes hits theaters this summer and damn it looks good. I hate to think that this will be the last entry but if it
is this is going to be one hell of a movie.