Dark Soul's
Nightmare News

Bleed All About It

By Dark Soul

      From the people who brought us the new 2015 Godzilla… comes Kong: Skull Island. This new movie
starring our most beloved big ape will set the stage for another Godzilla film for the two mighty creatures to
meet in combat for a remake of King Kong vs Godzilla. The 1963 movie has never been remade and it
would be cool to see the two giant monsters go at it again with today’s special effects. Kong: Skull Island
hits theaters in March and the next Godzilla in 2018 with the big one hitting in 2019. Get your ring side
seats now!

      A new re-boot for Spider Man yet again! What the hell is going on here? 2002’s big screen debut of
the web head was such a hit that two direct sequels followed. Then why….who knows, they did a reboot
when Marvel gained the rights back for their own Spider Man movie. That movie spawned one follow up
film, but since it was a flop, they are again kick starting the series with yet a new re-boot. This time using
the very young and I mean young kid to play Peter Parker from the last Avengers movie. I mean this kid
looked 12 for god’s sake! Anyway, look or don’t look for Spider man: Homecoming in a theater near you.

      He’s back again and sharpening up his machete for another hunt on teens as Jason Voorhees returns
for his 13th Friday film. That’s right Jason has at last after 37 years reached his 13th movie and the big
man is out for blood. This will be a follow up to the 2010 re-boot with the masked man being more human
than the zombie creature he had become after Jason Lives and the films that followed. Now we here at
BMR just wish they would do another Freddy vs Jason.

      In July, the War For The Planet of The Apes hits theaters, but there will be no monkey biz here as the
apes fight for their very lives for their piece of the world in what may be the last in this amazing re-boot to
the classic ape films. As a side note, look for a book coming in 2018 about the Planet of The Apes films,
TV series and heritage for its 50th Anniversary by BMR publisher AL J. Vermette called Legacy of The
Planet of The Apes.

      In TV news, the series Grimm plays its last season. After several seasons the cop/monster show is
coming to its end. NBC cut the show to a half season and only plan on running only a few episodes to tie
up the series. Shame, Grimm was a great show and the only successful horror series on a big network.
For fans of the funny as hell series Scream Queens, don’t fear even though the show ended in December
of 2016, it will be back again in the fall of 2017 with more funny and bloody stories. Sorry, we here at BMR
just love that show!