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By Dark Soul

  After 43 years, the Devil is back and this time The Exorcist is now a new TV series about to play on
FOX. The series like the book and film that preceded I,t tells the story of demonic procession. This being
the second Devil inspired series from the FOX network with the other being Lucifer. But unlike Lucifer
where the evil one is more human, more almost loveable at times, this new series based on the 1973
novel is nothing but pure horror in nature. Speaking of the FOX series Lucifer, that show moves into
season two after kicking off 2016 as a mid-season replacement. Looks like FOX is really getting into the
horror game with 4 genre series starting with Sleepy Hollow, Scream Queens, Lucifer and now The

  All back again this up-coming 2016-2017 TV season are The Walking Dead, I Zombie, Z Nation,
Scream Queens, Lucifer, Grimm, Sleepy Hollow, Scream and the Grand Daddy of them all and the longest
running horror series of all time…..Supernatural going into its 12th season on the air.

  In upcoming movie news, War For The Planet of The Apes is in production as the monkey series of films
nears its 50th Anniversary in 2018. Also look for a new book about the Planet of The Apes franchise
written by our own publisher AL J. Vermette titled Legacy of The Planet of The Apes coming out in 2018
for the 50th Anniversary. The last installment of the Resident Evil films is hitting theaters this new year
coming and is called Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Yeah we heard that before…..remember Friday
The 13th The Final Chapter 8 movies ago.

  There is word of a new Underworld movie on the way and maybe even a TV series too. We here at BMR
would like that! Not sure of its storylines yet and you can bet vampires and lycans will be in it and will be
lots of action. Jason Voohees is said to be in a new movie coming soon as well. It’s been a few years
since we saw the masked killer and would be fun to have him back again. We here at BMR wish that they
would do another Freddy vs Jason movie. (Sorry we liked the first one.) The greatest alien big game
hunter is coming back for a new movie. Titled The Predator, it brings the creature back to its roots as the
hunt is back on for human prey.  We at BMR wish too that there will be another Alien vs Predator film.
(Sorry we liked that one too.)

  This coming October 22, Blood Moon Rising will produce their 13th Annual Blood Fest Halloween show.
Held again now for the 9th time at the Queens Flushing Library 41-17 Main St. Flushing NY 11355 in their
200 seat theater. Highlights will be a ghostly laser light show by BMR, dance performance by Moon Maxx
Productions, magic by our own Justin Illusion, the rock band DMK, Dead Ed & The Boo Brothers, psychic
readings and once again all hosted by yours truly. There will also be an all monster battle royal performed
live on stage with Freddy, Jason, The Grim Reaper, Ghost Face, The Wolf Man and Chucky. So don’t
miss Blood Fest 13 it’s all free so bring a body or two.