Dark Soul's
Nightmare News

Bleed All About It

By Dark Soul

   The classic vampire movie Nosferatu is getting a remake once again. The last time the 1922 silent
horror film was remade it was in 1979 Nosferatu: The Vampire. Now reports say that the classic horror film
and the very first film telling of the Dracula is getting an up-date. BMR will keep an eye out for this film as it
is in the works.

   The 1963 classic monster battle King Kong vs Godzilla is too getting a remake. It will be an American
production and the follow up to 2015’s U.S. made Godzilla and 2005’s remake of King Kong.  The movie
is set for a 2020 release date but Godzilla returns in a sequel in 2016 or 17 and Kong makes a comeback
in a prequel called Skull Island in the coming months.

   Well, the Ghostbusters are back, only this time with an all-female cast. The 1984 spooky comedy gets
an up-date when four women take on the other worldly creatures and fun and action follow. If you were a
fan of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2, then you’ll sure to enjoy this the first Ghostbusters film in 27 long
years. This will be a Ghostbusters for an all new generation of fans to see.

   As I write this article, it just happens to be Friday The 13th and well I have good old Jason on my mind.
News has it that there will be a 13th Jason movie in the works. Word has it that Jeepers Creepers 3 will go
into production soon. Also the word is that Gina Philips from the first Jeepers Creepers will once again
return as Trish, the surviving sister whose brother fell victim to the Creeper. This third film has been a long
time in the making. When Blood Moon Rising talked with the Creeper himself, Jonathan Breack 12 years
ago, he said that there would be a third film in the series. Looks like that is at last going to happen!

   Blood Moon Rising’s own Halloween stage show Blood Fest 13 is starting to get set up. No word on
who the rock band will be just yet but there will be Scarecrow vs Goblins battle along with a spooky light
show and a visit by the Christmas Demon Krampus. Look for more about Blood Fest 13 on the BMR web
site and in the Halloween issue. If you have an act, live in or near NYC and would like to perform for Blood
Fest 13, please let us know. We are looking for dance artists, magic acts, singers, jugglers, stand-up
comics or any other thing that you may do. Just contact us through our web site and tell us what you do.

   All your horror themed TV shows will be returning this fall such as Grimm, The Vampire Dairies, Scream
Queens, The Originals, The Walking Dead, I Zombie and the longest running horror series of all time  is
back for its 12th year Supernatural. Other shows like Z Nation, Lucifer and maybe even the X-Files are all
back next TV season. Yes, horror is alive and well on nationwide TV.