Dark Soul's
Nightmare News

Bleed All About It

By Dark Soul

Big news Evil Dead fans!  A new TV series is coming to the Starz cable network in
2015.  And the series has all the main players too.  Back again as writer and
director is Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi who returns to his horror roots.  And back
as Ash…..like anyone else could play him is Bruce Campbell rounding out the
people who made The Evil Dead the cult classic it is.  The new series picks up
years later after the events from Army of Darkness when Ash in once again a
stock boy working for S-Mart.  He only wants to live out his life quietly.  That is until
the Evil returns and forces Ash to once again take up his battle with the creatures
from Hell itself.  Look for the new Starz series sometime in the coming year.

You are not going to believe this, but the Ball is back again!  Along with The Tall
Man, that’s right horror fans…..Phantasm is back with a 5th film and said to be the
last in the series.  After 36 years from the original movie in 1979, The Tall Man
returns and he’s played once again after all this time by 88 year old Angas
Scrimm, like anyone else could play the part.  Back again to do battle with the
demonic Tall Man is actor Reggie Bannister who after 36 years may or may not
beat the evil, well dressed Tall Man.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been this long
since the first movie and there have only been 5 movies in the series.  BMR is not
sure yet if this new film will be in theaters or straight to DVD and Red Box, but we
will let you know when the time comes.  In any case, look for it and watch out for
flying silver death balls.

Upcoming horror movies in 2015 that stand out are Scouts vs Zombies, The
Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes and a remake of Poltergeist.  That’s right a
remake of the 1982 haunted house story is making a re-boot comeback.  Let’s
hope half the cast don’t die after the making of this movie like the ‘82 original.  A
Goosebumps movie is on the way for a more family friendly horror storytelling.  
The hit book and TV series of the 1990's is returning as a feature film in 2015.  
This one should be fun, scary and all around delightful.

There are a few stand out horror film fests to look out for in 2015 like The New
York Horror Film Festival, The Chicago Horror Film Fest and Shriefest.  Also it
may be 10 months away as of this publication date but our own Blood Fest 12 is
set for this October 24th with some of our returning acts and all new ones
performing for us.  Oh and see me, The Dark One, as Blood Fest 12 stage host.  
See you all this Halloween.