Dark Soul's
Nightmare News

Bleed All About It

By Dark Soul

   Big news in the horror genre world with a host of up coming movies.  It only took
34 years but the rumor of 13 Friday The 13th movies is now going to at last
happen.  In November, the thirteenth Friday The 13th film will hit theaters and the
blood will flow as Jason runs amug one more time.  In the time of this writing, the
film is only titled as Friday The 13th with NO sub-title added however we horror
people believe that it will be part of the newer re-boot of the last film as maybe
another remake of one of the many Friday films.

   A sequel to Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is coming out near the end of he
year.  We at BMR liked what they did with the first and look forward to seeing the
grown up siblings once again fighting classic old hag witches in this follow to the
2013 film.  It is sad to be the last installment of the long running Resident Evil
series. Resident Evil The Final Chapter will be Alice's swan song as she battles
endless hordes of the walking dead.  Will this really be the last film of the series?  
Well remember Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter in 1984?  Will as we all know
that series didn't end there.  But we will see.

   Don't count him out just yet, there is a new Dracula movie on the way called
Dracula Untold.  This new film goes more in depth into the creation of the vampire
in a true origin story.  Look for the new film this November. In the re-boot world are
is Leprechaun Origin.  Sadly this movie will NOT have Warwick Davis playing the
pint size killer as he did for all other Leprechaun films.  Replacing him will be WWE
Little person Hornswoggle under the green make-up.  Other films up and coming
are Mad Max, Jurassic Park, Animal, Joy Ride 3 and Wolf Creek 2.