Dark Soul's
Nightmare News

Bleed All About It
By Dark Soul

  New and old horror TV series have hit the small screen.  Returning for another
season is the Vampire Diaries along with their new spin-off The Originals.  Grim,
The Walking Dead, Being Human and Lost Girl all have or will be returning as of
this writing.  New this season is Sleepy Hollow bringing the legend of The Headless
Horseman to television for the first time as a series.

  Okay not horror but fans of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be happy to
know that a new live action film is in the works and set for a Summer 2014
release.  Word has it that the very pretty Megan Fox will play the turtles human
friend April O’Neil.  Sadly though for fans of the first 3 films from the 1990's, this
new Ninja Turtle movie although it will be live action, the Turtles themselves will be
CGI motion capture and not the stunning costumes from the Jim Henson company
as with the 90s movies.

  In a little Blood Moon Rising news!  This year will mark the tenth Anniversary of
the magazine’s Blood Fest Halloween show.  This will be the 7th show that I myself
will be hosting and the 6th at the events current location.  Blood Fest 10:
Halloween Show & Rock Party will be held this year on Saturday October 19th at
The Queens Library 41-17 Main St. Flushing NY 11355.  This is a free event for
the public so please come and bring a body with you……living or dead.

  Also in BMR news will be our new event this Halloween and running all month
long will be VooDoo Land: Halloween Haunted Woods & Attraction.  Held at the
Renningers Flea & Farmers Market and in association with David Keller who with
Renningers have partnered with our publisher AL J. Vermette to produce this new
magical Halloween event.  See our web site for more info on VooDoo Land.

  More in BMR news to tell you will be starting in November and December Blood
Moon Rising will be hosting two new monthly film fest events.  One called The
Nightmare Scream Show and the other VooDoo Lands Monster Movie Marathons.  
These film and entertainment events will host horror films, rock bands and other
showcases of talent.  Look for both events on our web site and they both will be
held in Central Florida area.