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Nightmare News

Bleed All About It
By Dark Soul

   For those of us who can't wait for Halloween in October, there's two big
conventions to visit to get your spook on.  First there's this years Transworld
Halloween Show Expo on March 7, 8, 9 & 10 in St. Louis.  With everything
Halloween from workshops, lecture, haunt house tours to endless rows of vendors
all selling what you will need for this up coming fall spook season.  Then on May
24,25 & 26 in Orlando FL., there's the Halloween Extreme show and expo with
again everything Halloween from vendors to haunt tours and lectures.  If you are
in New York City this spring though it may be a little smaller this year marks the 6th
Annual Institute of Horror, Fantasy Science Fiction presented by Blood Moon
Rising Horror Magazine and hosted by our very own AL J. Vermette.  With author
readings, film screenings, genre displays, psychics, witches and make-up demos.  
Look for this event on May 18th 2013 and held at the Queens Flushing Library
41-17 Main St. Flushing NY 11355.

   In movie news, 2013 pays host to many new horror films hitting the theater and
DVD.  The zombie film World War Z is coming along with Three Nights of
Halloween, The House Across The Street,100 Days of Death, Stoker, Area 51,
The Spider and Scare Dares all round out some of the new films coming in 2013.  
At last the story of what happened to the doomed ship The Demeter the vessel
that carried Count Dracula to London in the Bram Stoker novel.  Few films such as
the mid way scenes in 1922's Nosforatu or the opening of the 1979 movie Dracula
with Frank Langella when the vampire frist came to the city and brought evil.  
Some Dracula movies bypassed this part of the story altogether.  Now the full
story will be told in The Last Voyage of the Demeter.  I heard about this movie
idea back in the mid 90's and would like to see this part of the Dracula story last
last told in full.

   If you were hoping for a third Jeppers Creepers movie as I was we are now at
last in luck.  Jeepers Creepers 3 is coming and after a ten year wait since the last
movie, actor Jonathan Breck will once again return as The Creeper.  I was
standing with our publisher ten years ago when he interviewed Breck for BMR
Issue #22 and he said then that there would be a third film.  Sadly it took ten years
but The Creeper is on his way back.  Also back in a new film is Pinhead of
Hellraiser in a new remake.  This movie as been reported since the news first
broke seven years ago.  Since then I myself have wrote about it here in Nightmare
News.  Will 2013 be the year that it comes out?  Also back to wreek havic with is
tradmark chiansaw is Leather Face in an all new movie and this time he's doing
his carving in full 3D.

   The dinos are back in Jurassic Park 4 with the 3D treatment and the horror
comicbook Darkchylde is being turned into a new movie.  The demon girl first
introduced in 1996 and created by Randy Queen is being brought to the screen
by horror vet John Carpenter.  Returning for funny horror is Scary Movie 5 just to
lighten up the genre a little but back on the darker side is the remake of the
classic The Evil Dead.  For the many who saw the new Hansel & Gretel Witch
Hunters, there is a new film coming with the two children but like in Witch Hunters,
this one too has a new take on the classic tale.  Titled Hansel & Gretel Get
Baked........but not in the way you may think.  The witch wishing to eat them gets
the two stoned before she tries and eat them.  Yeah I know....what can I
say...sometimes you just have to wonder.

   Not really horror news but I'm sure you will want to know that there may be a 7th
Star Wars movie in the works.  Said to be heading this new project is JJ Abrams
best known for the TV series Lost and Fringe.  After taking on the re-boot of Star
Trek, Abrams said that he wants to do a 7th installment of the Star Wars
franchise.  There is also word that a spin off film may be in the works too about the
loveable little green Jedi Yoda.  Yoda carrying his own movie!  That would be
something to see.  Not sure if the two are related yet.  Is Abrams idea of a new
movie with Yoda in the staring role or is he thinking something other.  Also word
has it that maybe a spinoff with and get this Jabba the Hutt as the star of a new
Star Wars spin off.  I also heard that maybe a better choice would be Boba Fett
would make for a better lead character than say Jabba.