Dark Soul's
Nightmare News

Bleed All About It
By Dark Soul

     Horror on TV is going well in 2012 with hits like Grimm, The Walking Dead,  
The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf and Lost Girl.  Horror TV series are nothing new
since The Night Stalker and Friday The 13th The Series but as written about in
the last issue of BMR by our own Kraven The She Wolf, Horror TV is really
booming in the last few years.  Leading this pack is Supernatural now in their 7th
season and going into their 8th this fall.  New shows to look for this fall are Beauty
And The Beast a moden retelling of the classic story and the dark and gritty Arrow
based on the comic book hero Green Arrow.

     This may or may not be a good thing......but there is a new U.S. Godzilla movie
in the works set for a late 2012 release date.  This one is said to be nothing like
the other American Godzilla from 1997 and will be more of a re-boot than a sequel
to that sad mess we all saw in ‘97.  Again the Big G will be all CGI but in this new
movie he will be fighting at least one other giant monster.  It's said that the new
movie will have a more classic Godzilla look to the beast then the other film had.  
Said to be written by screenwriter David S. Goyer, who wrote all 3 Blade films and
the latest 3 Batman movies as well.  Lets pray fans.......lets pray they get it right
this time!!!!!

     There is word that there will be a new movie of the comic book hero The Crow
that is now in development.  Little is known at this time but from what I was told it
will be a re-boot to the series.  This summer we’ll see what is said to be the last
Batman movie.  Said but true at least made by the people who brought us Batman
Begins and The Dark Knight.  Maybe other filmmakers will take up the cape and
cowl and make more features of our beloved hero.  Also getting the re-boot and a
remake treatment is Spiderman.  The people behind the new movie say they are
throwing out all the stuff from the other 3 films and remaking Spiderman's
beginnings as though the other 3 never were.  Not sure if this is a good idea but
we will find out this summer.  This time its the Lizard who our web headed hero
must fight.

     Up coming horror films to look for in 2012 are Prometheus, The Tortured,
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, The Possession, Frankenweenie, Sinister,
Silent Hill: Revelations and Paranormal Activity 4.  There is also in the works a
new Ghostbusters said to be in the making.  There is talk about a sequel to the
Wolfman 2010 with maybe the title Werewolf but its not written in stone just yet.  
One of my sources said that the new Wolfman will be a direct sequel and others
say that this new film will be a re-boot of the frist movie.  And yet others say that it
will be something all new altogether.  So who the hell knows?

     In remake horror news, a new movie of King’s Carrie is said in the works.  Is
this not the 3nd time around now for Carrie? A new Texas Chainsaw Massacre is
in the making and good old Michael Myers will be returning with yet Halloween 3.  
Nightrider star David Hasselhoff is in the up coming movie Piranha 3DD, where I
don't think he's going to have much Baywatch fun playing with the nasty ass fish.  
There is word that after 23 years that a new Ghostbusters is on the way.  This
feature has been in develement hell for years now.  But it just maybe coming our

     If you’re not keeping track of our issue numbers of Blood Moon Rising. we will
be celebrating its 50th issue this fall.  It also falls on our Halloween issue as well.  
To mark this landmark issue, we are throughing our biggest Halloween Blood Fest
show this October 20th with after party.  Be sure to check with our web site on all
info about Issue #50 and Blood Fest 9.