Dark Soul's
Nightmare News

Bleed All About It
By Dark Soul

  The 1990's movie Total Recall is getting a remake with Underworld director Len
Wiseman at the helm.  With stars Colin Farrell, Bokeem Woodbine, Bryan
Cranston and Wiseman's own wife and Underworld star Kate Beckinsale (Selene.)
 It seems that this 2012 version of Total Recall is really an Underworld reunion
with even the Lord of the vampires himself Bill Nighy (Viktor) rounding out the
cast.  Look for Total Recall 2012 this summer.  There is talk about a new follow up
to 2010's The Wolf Man that may be in the works.  As BMR hears more about it
we will keep you posted..  There has been talk about a remake of the 1975 thriller
Jaws with stand-up comedian Tracy Morgan in the lead role of chief, Martin Brody.
 Please say it isn't so.  Just the thought of this has the late actor Roy Scheider
and Robert Shaw along with Jaws author Peter Benchley rolling in their graves.  
What the hell are they thinking?

  Are you worried about a zombie holocaust?  We don't fear, the University of
Michigan is now offering classes on How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse.  Yeah,
you read that right...if you sign up when the end comes and the dead walk the
Earth you know you will be safe because you took the class that showed you what
to do when the dead walk among us.  Boy would I ever have loved to see some
teen come home and tell mom and dad that they wanted to take this class this
spring.  I want to know what happens if you fail this class......a zombie eats your
ass!  Only in America

  The people at Hammer return after years of sitting it out with new horrors to
scare the hell of out us.  The British film company who's heyday was the 60's and
70's returns with new horror to unleash.  The new film The Woman In Black with
Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was one of their newest to hit theaters this year.  
Coming soon from my home land with be Gaslight a re-telling of Jack The Ripper
with a twist.....he's the good guy and helps the good people at Scotland Yard
track down a mad killer much like in Silence Of The Lambs.  Look for these two
films from Hammer and others in the coming months.

  The TV series Dark Shadows is being remade once again.  After the failed shot
in 1990 with the TV remake staring Ben Cross as the vampire this new re-boot
comes with two heavy hitters as Johnny Depp and Tim Burton bring the 60's show
back from the un-dead with a new movie.  Look for Dark Shadows The Movie
coming this summer.  Also getting a reboot and why I don't know, is our most
beloved wall crawler Spiderman as he returns this summer with The Amazing
Spiderman in a remake of the 2002 Evil Dead's Sam Raimi.  The people remaking
this thought of doing it all right from the start and NOT adding to the last 3 films by
way of a sequel.  For this new outting for Spiderman his newest foe will be The
Lizard played by Rhys Ifans with Zombie Lands Emma Stone stepping into the part
of Gwen Stacy.  Spiderman himself will now be played by actor Andrew Garfield
replacing Toby Maguire.  The Amazing Spiderman swings into theaters this July.

  The web head is not the only superhero fighting evil this summer.  Batman too is
back in The Dark Knight Rises hitting theaters this summer with the same team of
director Christopher Nolan screenwriter David S. Goyer and back in black rubber
Christian Bale as Batman himself.  Writer Goyer who has pened many a
superhearo tales such as the 3 Blade films and the last two Batman movies Bat
Man Begins and The Dark Knight.  It is said that this new film takes place eight
years after the events of The Dark Knight with Catwoman and Bane being the
main villains in this new and last film of the series.  We here at BMR are big...big
fans of both Batman and Spiderman and so we look forward to both their returns.

  Abraham Lincoln, we all know as the 16th President of the United States and we
get a day off for his birthday each year.  But did you know that good old Abe was
a vampire killer?  Well if you read the novel by author Seth Grahame Smith you
would know all about this hidden life of one of American icons and yeah monster
hunter.  Soon to hit theaters will be the movie based on the novel Abraham
Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  Hey who knew!  Coming in 2012 will be the thriller Silent
House along with Halloween 3, Cabin In The Woods, World War Z and Buffy The
Vampire Slayer, Oh and get this!  Guess what's back after 23 years?  Give up?  
Not kidding here but Ghost Busters returns after all this time with a new movie.  
Yeah I know.