Dark Soul's Nightmare News

Bleed All About It

  Fans of the TV series The Walking Dead will be happy to know that the AMC
zombie series will be returning this Feb. with all new episodes.  The series just
ended its med-season run and unlike season one where we had to wait a whole
year for season two, this time after Feb. the show will have new episodes saving
its fans the year long wait.  Also returning with its season two is the series Being
Human.  The show that features a ghost, a vampire and werewolf who all live
under one roof is back this year.  Based on the British series, the U.S. counter
part is just as good and returns this January in the Syfy Channel.  Also this winter
starting on the Syfy Channel in January is a new show called Lost Girl about a lost
demon learning who he is and what she is.  Turns out that she is a succubus so
watch out guys...the Lost Girl is coming.  Also on The Syfy Channel is the long
awaited Face Off make-up competition returning after the first of the year.  The
show that pits make-up artists trying to out do the other in creating creatures,
aliens and other monsters is the first and only show on TV about the art of
creature effects make-up.  Fans of old school make-up will love this show.

  If you enjoyed this past season of the MTV series Teen Wolf, you will be happy
to know that it has been picked up for season two.  The show so unlike its movie
counter part staring Michael J. Fox plays it for scares and not giggles and is one
damn good show.  If you like werewolves, this show is for you.  Also on MTV is
another horror series called Death Valley and this too is a good show.  Much in
the same vein as Buffy with a combo of funny and scary in all the right places.  
This show boosts some really good make-up as well.  Who would think...MTV for
all your horror needs.....who knew.

  On the independent movie scene there is a new movie called Hack Job which is
anything but. It's funny....its scary and most of all its cheesy as all hell.  Look for
my review of this film in this issue’s Graveyard Cinema and an interview with the
movies creator James Balsamo with our publisher Al.  If you like a little funny and
a shit load of movie cheese you will love this one.  Also new from Lake Films is
Eviction with their very first zombie film.  Look for my review also in this issue.  

  Film director Tim Burton is working on bringing the 60's classic series Dark
Shadows to the screen with Johnny Depp stepping into the role of the vampire
Barnabas Collins.  The film is set for a 2012 release date.  The horror classic from
the 80's The Evil Dead is getting the remake treatment.  Yes the horror
masterpiece like so many other horror movies is getting remade.  Also getting a re-
boot is a new...new version of The Munsters.  This would be the 3nd time that The
Munsters was remade.  Remember the mid 90's TV series and then the two TV
movies of the late 90's.  Well looks like a new movie or TV show is in the works as
was told to me.  Time will tell if this will happen as The Wayans Brothers once had
plans too to bring back the creepy family.  We at BMR will keep and eye out for
what develops.

  Fans of the Underworld movies will like to know that by the time you read this,
the new Underworld film should be out.  It seems this movie picks up after the 2nd
film with Kate Beckinsale returning as the black leather clad vampire that we loved
so much.  From what I hear also in vampire news a new Dracula is in the making
and maybe...just maybe a new Frankenstin as well.

  This summer will mark the last Bat Man film in the new re-boot series of 3 ending
with The Dark Knight Rises.  Sad to think that may in fact be the last Bat Man
movie ever.  Also in the superhero world is the return of Spiderman as well.  The
Hulk, Iron Man and other heroes gather for the long waited Avengers movie also
coming in 2012.

  For those of you who enjoyed our Halloween show Blood Fest 8, you will enjoy
our other event, The Institute of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction #5 held on
March 24th from 12 noon to 5pm and held at the Queens Library 41-17 Main St.
Flushing NY 11355.  Featuring author readings, film showings and art gallery.  
This event is free to all.