Dark Soul's Nightmare News

Bleed All About It

  It’s Halloween time again (Thank God…or whoever) and time to put out
the pumpkins and ghosts and get ready to scare the hell of then little kids
coming to the door….Ha ha yeah!!!!
  In this Halloween Nightmare News we have lots to tell you about.  On
October 24th we are once again doing our horror show “Blood Fest 6:
Horror Show & Rock Party” held once again at the Queens Flushing Library
41-17 Main St. Flushing NY 11355. “Blood Fest 6” starts at 12 noon and
runs for five hours with haunted walkway, 3 rock bands, 4 magic acts,
short films and our own go-go dancers The Blood Dolls.  Also take part in
our costume and scream contests to round out the show.  “Blood Fest 6”
is a free show and is also being hosted by yours truly so I better see you
all there.  Don’t make me come looking for you!
  Lots of movies this year and many more horrors are on the way for the
new year with lots of remakes and even a few new films coming our way.  
Following in the footsteps of Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees,  Freddy
Krueger returns with a new remake to the 1984 master piece “A Nightmare
on Elm St.” with for the very first time someone other than Robert Enlgund
playing the mad killer.  Donning the hat and clawed glove is actor Jackie
Earle Haley from the film “Watchman” who’s deep gritty voice will be just
right for the master of dreams.  Oddly enough this is the same actor who
played in the kids movie way back when “The Bad News Bears” as Kelly.  
  And speaking of Jason like this summers new again….”Halloween 2” by
Rob Zombie there is talk of a “Friday The 13th 2” in the works.  Also in the
remake department is “The Step Father” and Clive Barker’s “Hellraiser”
(yeah nothing new from Hollywood anymore).  The only remake we are all
really waiting for and it’s a long…long time coming is “The Wolf Man” and I
have been telling you about that for about two years now.  At last the date
is set for Feb. 12th 2010.
  Fans of the “Resident Evil” films will be happy to know that a 4th movie
is in the works. “Resident Evil: Afterlife is said to be shot in 3D and it
brings Alice back along with the 1000 or so clones we saw at the end of
the last film.  Look for this new “Resident Evil” coming 9/17/2010.  The man
behind “Grindhouse: Planet Terror” Robert Rodriguez is planning on
bringing Predator back without their Alien counter parts to battle with.  
This new film entitled “Predators” will be the first time we see the space
beast without the Alien crossover since 1990’s “Predator 2” and as the
title tells this time there’s more then one creature.
  Other movies coming in 2010 are part two for “Twilight” fans. Love it or
hate it “Twilight: New Moon” is coming this fall and look for “Twilight:
Eclipse” coming later in the year.  Nothing like over killing something to
death.  Also in the works are “The Descent 2” and “Cabin Fever 2” coming
within the new year.  Both films ended with sequels begging to be made
and so you asked for it and their coming.