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Bleed All About It

First off for those of you who missed me last issue for my movie reviews sorry
I was back home in London over most of the winter when the last issue #35
was put together.  But now I’m back and see my reviews in this Halloween
issue.  Ok moving on, we have a host of remakes to talk about that are in the
works genre fans.  One of them is (and get this shit) a remake of  “A
Nightmare on Elm Street.” (Yeah I know.... I’m sick too).  And get this of all
things.....Robert Englund long time Freddy actor WILL NOT be returning to
play the gloved one who preys on children. (No not Michael Jackson the other
gloved one who preys on children you know Freddy). Yeah I know I’m sick
too.  Why this is I don’t know since Englund  is and was the only actor to ever
play the phantom killer in all eight films that Freddy appeared in.  Their lucky
if Englund don’t run amok and start killing off of few of these pecker heads
for making this new movie without him.  I would.
Also in the remake news is and get this is a remake of 1980s “Friday
The13th.” ....And  unlike the classic film this one has Jason as the main
killer.   Now horror fans all know that Jason was NOT the killer in the first go
around of murders at Camp Crystal Lake, it was his mother.  But someone had
the bright idea of not only remaking this horror classic but they are changing
it all around.  Most likely Jason will even have his trade mark hockey mask as
well. .....And we all know when did Jason get his famous  mask?  That’s right
boys and girls......in “Friday The 13th Part 3D”.  Yeah you know I know my
horror don’t you!  Also in the remake department is a classic movie close to
my heart. A lthough not a horror movie, I still wanted to voice or bitch about
it just the same. “The Warriors” 1979 is being remade and can you believe
this its not set in New York by LA.  Yeah I’m still pissed off about it and its
been 3 weeks since I got the news.  Why people why?  There is no way you
can redo the master of all gang movies but someone is trying to do just that.  
Well at least there is always the classic...Can You Dig It!

For you werewolf and vampire fans out there coming next year is
“Underworld: Rise of The Lycans” as the 3rd instalment in the “Underworld”
story.  This new film will deal with how the war of the two races got started.  It’
s a more in depth telling of how the battle started talked about in the first
movie but now is the base for this new go around with vampires and
werewolves going at it tooth and claw ...for real.  Also there’s a new follow up
film to “Dog Soldiers” that is sure to bite into the werewolf sub-genre.  This
new picture starts where the last film ended with Cooper after walking away
from the werewolf slaughter of the first film finds that the moon light critters
are still not done with him just yet.

Also for all you werewolf/vampire fans I just discovered an online game called
“Bite Fights” where you get to play as a werewolf or vampire as you battle to
the death.  I have yet to play the online game as of this writing but will have
ripped some vampire a new one by the time you are reading this.

Fans of the hit show “Supernatural” will be happy to hear that the complete
3th season is now on DVD with all 16 episodes.  The little show that
premiered at the same time as the genre shows “Invasion” “Surface” and
“Night Stalker” is the only one of the bunch to make it to season two, let
alone now entering its 4th go around on the CW network.  Thank God....or
whoever that this show made the cut since it’s the one of the few horror
shows out there.  “Reaper” is not bad and I can say that I have gotten into it
myself but boy do I sure miss the days of Buffy.  You can bet your ass that I
have that on DVD.  A new season starts for the Fox networks “Terminator:
The Sarah  Connor  Chronicles” hits the small screen this fall. .....But wait
what’s this????? An all new Terminator movie is in the works for next
summer!!!   Word is that this will be the first installment without the
Govenator in it.  Too bad though, but the big guy had a good run as the killer
robot since the 1984 master piece.  This Halloween will mark the 5th year and
5th movie of the bloody “Saw 5" coming this Halloween season.  Once again
unknowing dick heads will get cut, mashed, smushed, torn and God know
what when the new film opens October 24th.         

.....And now onto a really sad note. The horror world lost a man who has given
so much to the genre he so loved.  I’m talking about master make-up man
Stan Winston.  I still get chills when I think about it.  If you don’t know who
this man is then let me clue you in.  He is the man behind some of films
greatest monsters.  The Alien Queen, Predator, Pumpkinhead, The
Terminator, and all of the life size dinos in “Jurassic Park.  Winston’s work
has been talked about in BMR since its first issue back in 2000 and I have
reviewed many of his creature films over the years and our publisher has
Creature Featured  many of his critters as well.  Next issue of BMR we will in
tribute to Stan Winton Creature Feature the monsters that he created over
his 30 plus years as Hollywood’s supreme make-up man.

You tube fans check out our publisher AL J. Vermette’s chapbook series
“Lucan” brought to life in his own series of videos now showing on Youtube.
com.  You may have seen the first be posted back in Feb.  As part of the
library vent hosted by Sapphire Publications and “The Horror Writer” for the
first ever “Institute of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction” held at the Queens
Flushing Library.  The “Lucan” stage production shot by our own D.W. Jones
wife Michele as now been viewed by almost a 1,000 people and now the next
generation of Lucan videos comes in the form of a short film shot by director
Thomas Bender.  Shot as a mini movie and unlike the stage show shot at the
Institute this new Lucan video has lots of action, wild creatures and the
werewolf hero looking his very best.  See the new film by going to YouTube.
com and key word search (Lucan Battles) and click on (Lucan  Defender) to
view.  You can also check it out on our web site and also on  “WerewolfCafe.
com” as well.    

If you have yet to hear Blood Moon Rising is once again throwing  its
Halloween horror party bash “Blood Fest.”  This new show and with a new
location is going to be bigger, better and bloodier then ever.  Complete with
short films, rock bands, live magic show, costume and scream contests this
show will be our best one yet!   The show also for the very first time will be
free to the pubic.  The new “Blood Fest: Horror Show & Rock Party” is being
held at the Queens Flushing Library in Queens New York same place as The
Institute was held this past February.  . ...And I...... yours truly will be the host
of the show, so I better see you there. Don’t make me come looking  for