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Dark Soul Rising By AL J. Vermette

After a car wreck that brought Billy Page to the brink of death at last he is going home
to his loving wife Madison and little girl Patty. All seems fine at first but little changes
are slowly taking place and Billy is acting out. The once loving father and gentle lover is
now out all night, sleeping around, drinking and getting into fights. Soon this new life
will lead him down a path of murder as his Mr. Hyde comes  fully to the surface.  

Author AL J. Vermette brings us a new tale of a man who becomes someone else.
The author of the novel Lycanthrope: Nature of The Beast and the fantasy series Lucan
now brings his readers down a dark path where only the strong at heart can be freed
from the darkest parts of the human mind.

Price: $20.00                Shipping: $5.00        Unavaliable
Lycanthrope: Nature of the Beast By AL J. Vermette

They live among us in secret and in peace, a society born of other origins. But now
one of their own kind will threaten their very existence and expose them upon the
world. The streets of New York City flow red at the hands of a serial killer with the mind
of a man and power of a great beast as he hunts openly human prey with nothing to
fear. For him there is only the hunt as he reverts back to old ways when their race ruled
the world and mankind hid in the shadows.

Two brothers with a secret of their own who possess the same abilities as the killer
find themselves the only ones who can face the monster and try to put an end to his
reign of terror before they, too, fall victim to the predator. Brooke is a news reporter
with a hunger to find out the truth. But that truth will lead her into a dark world of
creatures and myth that she never knew existed, let alone that she has unknowingly
befriended one.

Now from the creator of Blood Moon Rising Horror Magazine, Werewolf Magazine, &
The Horror Writer comes this action horror tale by author AL J. Vermette with his new
take on the werewolf mythology. Forget all you know about full moons, silver bullets,
and wolfmen, this book will change the way you look at werewolves forever.

PDF Copy: $5.00             Unavailable   
Dark Corners of the Mind By D.W. Jones

We all have things we don't tell anyone. Dark fantasies, dreams, and even nightmares
that we are afraid to let into the light for fear of coming alive or true.

These things we keep buried in the deepest part of our being, not looking at them,
even ignoring them like the dust bunnies under the bed or even behind the corner

These are the Dark Corners of the Mind.

From D.W. Jones, book reviewer for Blood Moon Rising Horror Magazine, comes this
vision of horror in the form of six tales of terror. After years of reviewing books, now it's
his turn to bring on the nightmare.

Price: $2.00               Hardcopy unavailable.  PDF version coming soon.
They Hunt By Night By AL J. Vermette

Black magic, eating of the dead, and meeting the Dark Lord Himself was just the
beginning of the horror. Four teens, each with something to hide, find themselves in the
middle of the hunt.

From the creator of Blood Moon Rising Horror Magazine, Werewolf Magazine, and
The Horror Writer AL J. Vermette comes this dark tale of horror and the beast that
hides within us all in one form or another.

Pray they kill you fast when They Hunt by Night.

Price: $2.00            Unavailable
Killfest By AL J. Vermette

Former CIA Operative turned freelance assassin Aurora Constantine is young,
attractive and outstanding deadly. For two years her insane appetite for professional
murder has led her down a dark path of petty contract killings for unhappy spouses.
Her lifestyle of drink and carnage is only grounded by the love of her sister Athena and
girlfriend Kimba.

Now Miss Constantine finds herself in a deadly game of kill or be killed in an
underground competition called "Kill Fest." The event, ran by a man called Fat Daddy
is unknown to the six competitors as they are sent out to score points (make hits)
before they are forced to turn their weapons on each other. Last man or woman
standing wins one million dollars...but is this game of death the real deal or is it
something far more insane when the truth is revealed. Aided by her former CIA partner
Matt Stryker the two set out to uncover the true nature of the game and survive their
competition in open combat. Can Aurora uncover the truth behind “Kill Fest” before
one of her competitions scores her?

PDF Copy: $3.00

Boo Biz: Guide to Everything Halloween By AL J. Vermette

Want to know all about your favorite holiday.  Well this book is just for you.  From
everything from how Halloween came to be to costumes and pumpkins.  Also find out
the history of trick and treating.  This is the book for  you, just in time for Halloween!

PDF Copy: $2.00

BOO BIZ: A Guide to Home Haunting By AL Vermette

Want to dress up your home for Halloween? Want to make it as scary as can be
before people dress their houses for Christmas.  This book tells everything you need
to know about how to dress it up, how to make home made props and the differences
to between making your home fun scary or type that have the kids screaming bloody
terror and have girls hanging on to their guy.

PDF Copy: $2.00
Blood moon Rising magazine
the magazine for all things horror
The Hit Chick by AL. J. Vermette

She's Aurora Constantine, Miami's most deadly female assassin.  She's attractive as
she is lethal and her heartless brutality has been the only thing that has kept the former
CIA operative and freelance hit woman alive up until now. Now six months after the Kill
Fest carnage that tested all her skills as a professional killer and nearly took her life.
Aurora has found all new threats to face in her current assignment as a hired gun.
Operating under an underworld mob boss named Michael Stone, he employs Aurora
and her new partner Wesley Condor as his person executioners keeping his
oppos-Ition down to a minimum. When Aurora is contracted to kill both Stone's wife
and Condor for having an affair, she is faced with a dark decision. Kill her friend and
partner or reap the reprucussions of breaking her contract.

Having severed her agreement meant that new assassins will be gunning for her as
she faces a hit squard sent in to execute her. Now on the run, Aurora with the help of
an unlikely ally and a youthful assassin in training, she must face the hit men seeking to
take her out or strike first. Now it will take every bit of her killer instinct to survive.

PDF Copy: $3.00