Ve Neill

By Michael Corvin

    In the world of Hollywood make-up artistry, it may be a profession
made up of mostly men, but it’s not a boy’s only club as far as this Holly-
wood special effects make-up artist is concerned. With three Academy
Awards, one nighttime Emmy and one Daytime Emmy Awards behind
her, Ve Neill shows the boys what’s up when it comes to creating crea-
tures for the movies and TV.

    Her work has been in such feature films as Beetlejuice, Pirates of
The Caribbean, The Hunger Games, Ed Wood, Hook and Edward
Scissor hands. She was the make-up artist who back in the day,
worked on Pee-Wee’s Play House giving good old Pee-Wee its funny
and oddly creepy look. A task that won her the Daytime Emmy for her
work on the series. Later when she moved on to feature films, she
was the one who gave Johnny Depp his very iconic look for Edward
Scissor hands. She turned a manly Robin Williams into an aging old
lady in the funny and loveable movie Mrs. Doubtfire and again worked
with Depp on the film Ed Wood, the story of the real life wacky film
director behind the best/ worst film ever Plan 9 From Outer Space.

    Ve Neill would once again work with Johnny Depp on the series of
Disney films in the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise where she turned
the actor into the most recognized pirate to sail the seven seas, Captain
Jack Sparrow. Her Daytime Award Emmy came from the remake of the
Shining mini series that ran on TV in the early 2000’s. In the last few years,
Ve has worked on both The Hunger Games and its follow up Catching Fire
along with joining the judge’s panel on the TV reality show Face Off.

    As part of the panel of judges alongside fellow Hollywood make-up artists, Ve oversees the cast of
new…..mostly young make-up artists just starting to make their mark in the profession. Each week on the
show after the new artist create their masterpieces, she looks over their work and comments on how well
they did or lets them know how they could have done better. As a winner of two Emmy’s and three Oscars,
Ve sure has the chops to give her opinion to the new kids on the block.

As a force in the Hollywood make-up game, Ve Neill has shown that creating fantasy characters is not just
for the guys and as the competition on Face Off shows, girls can hang with the big boys too.
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