Blood moon Rising magazine
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John Dante, the magician, 30
Bruce Abbott, the werewolf, 35
Lunar Moon (Danica Desman), the vampire, 52 looks 25
Dockin the demon, 1,000
Cobalt the Minotaur, 50
Matrix, the evil wizard, 40, & his army of zombies

                                                                                                       Chapter 1

       As Dante’s Knight Creatures neared their target, they could see Dockin swinging madly at the zombie hoard. With each
swing of her twin bladed axe, she grew ever more exhausted.  The team came in fresh just as she had be in battle for more
than thirty minutes. With each zombie she cut down with her axe, more would come and take their place. Soon that team
found themselves surrounded by the lumbering dead all wishing to get a bite of their warm flesh.

       “Don’t let them bite or scratch you!” Dante cried out as his newly formed warriors drew into the battle with full force.

       At this point, Dockin was too weak to take flight and was grounded like the others as she tried to fight off the seemingly
never ending hoard of dead assailants. With powerful bursts of authority, the enormous Minotaur pounded his war hammer
into the army of the dead shearing off their heads with single blows. True to form, Abbott drew upon his werewolf power, his
face grew longer in the snout of that of a wolf’s muzzle as long gleaming white teeth ripped open the zombies like they were
rag dolls. With his long savage claws, he tore their bodies open as zombie insides fell staining the green grass red.

       Not to be outdone, Lunar struck hard and with fury as each zombie she encounter fell to the way side to her vampire
might. With her enhanced strength and speed, the living dead creatures didn’t even see her before they were all struck
down by her powerful bite and retractable claws. By this point, Dockin was so spent from her combat, she dropped to one
knee hardly able to even hold her weapon in hand as she fell to the ground as four of the evil creatures converged upon her.
With their bloody and yellow rotted teeth, they tried to bite her as Dockin struggled to back off from the decomposing living
cadavers that drew upon her.

       Dockin swung madly at the vile creatures with all she had until something in a blur of speed struck down all the
malevolent monsters attacking her. She looked up to see Lunar standing over her reaching out her hand. Dockin looked the
vampire in the eye, smiled and took her hand as she was pulled up to her feet ready to fight again.

       With a mighty charge, Cobalt rammed the zombies with his horns impaling two of them upon the spear like appendages
jutting out from his large wooly head. With a roar, he battered his hammer into the legion of dead whacking them down
before slamming the heavy steel implement into their heads crushing them under its immense weight. As the werewolf in the
long black leather coat dispatched his last zombie victims, he glanced over to spot Lunar killing two more of the dead
before she in turn gazed upon him.

       “Not too bad for a dog!” she called over to him.

       “Thanks blood sucker.” he replied as they stood among the war zone of dead creatures newly killed for the last time.

       As the team of hero creatures drew together, they saw a large fire ball soar through the air as they all took cover. The
flaming ball struck a nearby tree blazing it to a cinder within moments. As everyone looked for the source of the fireball, they
all at once spotted the cause.  There standing less than one hundred yards away was the Sorcerer himself, Matrix. As he
held his hand into the air, the empty palm soon glowed red as a new fireball ignited within his touch.

       “Everyone down!” Dante cried as the released orb of fire blazed past them setting the grass field behind them ablaze.

       “I see you have brought help with you old friend.” the tall, thin man with dark hair and bearded called out as Dante
stepped forward.

       “Yes, I have put together a team to stop your living dead soldiers, but it don’t have to be like this.”

       “No Dante, it must be this way.  I am a god now and gods do as they please.”

       “You old friend are no god, you’re just a mad man seeking power.”

       “And why not….. I am all powerful. Why should I not have it all?”

       “Not at the expense of others Matrix, you know better than that.”

       “No… know better than to try and stop me. Soon I will raise millions of the dead to do my bidding and you and a
few otherworldly creatures like a defile vampire, a dirty werewolf and immoral demon are going to stop me. This is your
dream team John…..really?” the dark man said before bursting out into laugher.  “You’re lucky if these monsters you have
don’t tear each other apart before they tackle me again. You’re a fool John, you always been a fool. We two could rule the
world together, but you always the moral one just can’t see past the power you hold within the palm of your hand.” the dark
haired man called across the field. “You could be like me, all powerful……a living God.”

       “Please Matrix, put an end to this all and come with me.” Dante tried to convince his former friend and ally.

       “No John, it’s far too late for that now. I have raised the dead, I have killed others and used their shell of a body to do as
I wished. I have gone too far over the line to just end it all now. You know that, I must move on in my plans.”

       “So what are those plans?”

       “Why John……don’t you know by now? World conquest old buddy.” Matrix said as another fireball burned within his
open hand.

       “No Matrix don’t!” Dante called just as the fire discharge landed before him and his team laying a blazing wall between
them and the man who fired off the hand held inferno. “Everyone back!” Dante cried as his team backed away but the fire
behind them burned just as hot.

       “We’re trapped! Lunar cried out as the heat from the flames started to singe her thin sensitive skin.

                                                                                                       Chapter 2

       “Dockin, can you fly us out over the flames……maybe one by one?” Abbott said turning to face the red skinned girl.

       “No, not in the weakened state I am in, maybe just maybe one or two of you at best.” she replied sadly.

       “No, I got this.” Dante said as he raised his hands high and a blue cooling mist projected from his open hands. As the
mist flowed, it seemed to turn down the heat coming off the flames and within a minute, the fire before them was gone.
Turning to face the blaze behind them, the magician repeated the same act and the fire seemed to vanish as though it was
never there other then the burned grass left behind.

       “Nice trick Dante!” Abbott called out as he and the team saw that along with the wall of flames Matrix was gone too.

       “Where did he go?” Lunar questioned looking about.

       “Come on let’s go home, we’re done here.” Dante said in a cheerless tone that reflected his depressing mood.


       Once back at the base of operations, Lunar found Dante sitting alone in his office just gazing out his window. Stepping
up behind him, she put a hand on his shoulder in a comforting gesture.

       “Be proud of yourself Dante, you and your team did wall today.” she said in a soft voice.

       “We didn’t stop Matrix; we didn’t even capture or worst yet kill him. We did nothing to end his threat, humanity is still in

       “Well maybe so, but you did see that this team of crazy ass creatures could work together. That despite being a
Minotaur, demon, vampire and…..well dog could all come together and work with a powerful magician to become a team, the
team that the magician wanted to create.” she told him as he turned in his chair to look her in the eye.

       “You all did do very well today. I am proud of you all.” he replied with a smile.

       “Then go on and tell them, if you want us to stay together, then you’re going to have to let them know that we can be a
team…..that we are a team, of well…..whatever we are.”

       “I like Knight Creatures myself.”

       “Then Dante, go talk to the team.”

       “You’re right.” he said rising from his seat. “Where are they?”

       “In the game room.”

       As Lunar followed him into the game room, they found Abbott and Cobalt playing pool and Dockin sharpening one of
the axe blades with a stone.

       “Can I have everyone’s attention please?” Dante called out. “You all did very well out there and I think I…, I know I
made the right decision in hand picking each and every one of you. Your work as a team was remarkable and I am looking
forward to working with you all in stopping Matrix and his legion of the dead.” Dante said with a grin before returning back
to his office.

       “Gee vampire, what did you say to him when we got back here.  I thought he was going to fire us all from his gig.”

       “Well……dog, I just reminded him of the team he put together and how well we did out there.”

       “We did do good, didn’t we?” Dockin said looking over at Lunar.

       “Yes, we are for lack of a better title The Knight Creatures” Lunar said smiling.

                                                                                                       Chapter 3

       As the newly formed Knight Creatures celebrated their first battle with the evil Sorcerer, the man that they were hired to
track and stop was driving himself mad with rage.

       “Where……where did he get help from?” he screamed as he flipped over a table in anger. “I have plans and if John
Dante thinks that with a few magical creatures, that he’s going to stop me, I have plans for him. Think not old friend that I will
not kill you……for I will do everything and anything to see this world fall by my hand.”

                                                  Thank you for reading Knight Creatures I hope you enjoyed it.
                                                       Look for Season 2 of Knight Creatures returning in 2018.

                                                                                                  AL J. Vermette
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