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                                                                                                      Chapter 1

    As she stepped from the nightclub with its loud music roaming out into the street, she was at that very moment lost to the
fact that several pairs of eyes were watching her every move. As she turned down a darkened alleyway, five men followed in
pursuit all leering upon the young woman thinking that she had just made the worst mistake of her life. Each watched her
long thin legs take each step forward as though nothing in the world could harm her. As they quickened their pace, they
soon caught up to the woman and without losing any momentum, surrounded her on all sides stopping the young beauty in
her tracks.

    “Ah…..can I help you boys?” she asked through ruby red lips with a smile.

    “It’s a little late in the night for such a pretty little thing such as you to be walking the mean streets of LA all alone?” the
leader of the gang called out as he looked over the girl from head to toe.

    “Oh I’m fine, thank you.” she said as she tried to proceed to walk but their ring of bodies that surrounded her only closed
in on her more preventing her any movement forward.

    “How would you like some company pretty lady?” the leader asked with a wicked grin.

    “No thanks…..I’m good.” she replied as her striking exotic looks and long black hair gleamed in the moonlight
spotlighting her long lean frame and short black cocktail dress.

    Her very appearance was almost intoxicating for the five young boys standing all around her. Each young man’s mind
went wild with unholy thoughts as she seemed to become sexier by the very moment.

    “What’s your name pretty lady?”

    “Lunar…..Lunar Moon.” she said smiling.

    “Hey, you one of the dancers in there, damn I missed your show.” the lead boy said as he stepped a little closer to her.

    “I am, that’s right.” she said still smiling.

    “Well, I was going to ask you to hand over your money…..but I think I’ll have you too.” the boy said with evil in his eyes.

    “Yeah, I think in fact that we all will have a piece of you pretty little ass right here and right now.”

    “You know boys…..I have not eaten today at all, not even a little bite. How about a bite?” she said still smiling through her
ruby lips.

    “Bitch we’re not going to feed your skinny ass, we are going to rape it… after the other.”

    “No… are going to feed me right now.” she said parting her lips reveiling a set of white razor sharp canine fangs.

    Without another word, she lunged forward to the lead boy ripping the soft flesh from his throat before he could even
scream, sinking those deadly teeth deep into the wound and drawing blood into her mouth. The others screamed like little
girls as she then turned her attention on them. One by one she seized them with one hand, slashed open their throats
before draning each of their life blood. Mere moments later, the five thugs lay dead about her feet as her face, dress and hair
were all stained with the crimson wetness of their life force. As the moon rose ever higher into the night sky, she turned,
looked over her feast and strolled away into the night. “Thanks for dinner boys……that hit the spot.”

    As she walked, she didn’t get far before a new figure stood within a path. She stopped and saw it was the lone figure of a
male about thirty years old. Stopping in place, she looked him over but unlike her last encounter, this new stranger did not
seem to be a threat.

    “Miss Lunar Moon…… or shall I call you by your real name Daina Desman?” the stranger said.

    “Miss Moon will do, what do you want? I’m a little full so I would rather just go home. It’s been a long night.”

    “I have a job for you and your special talents.”

    “Look man, I have been dancing for the Night Owl for like two years now. I really don’t want to dance in some other
hellhole club.

    “No…..this job is much larger than dancing in strip clubs……this has more to do with what you are”

    “Oh, what I am?”

    “A vampire.”

    “Just what are you getting at?” she asked cocking her head to the side and looking him over.

    “Let’s just say that I got something much more important for you to do than shake your ass for money. I need a powerful
supernatural being such as you for a very special mission.”

    “Okay, you have my attention.”

                                                                                                  Chapter 2

    “Come on man, show your cards already!” the smaller man demanded of the much larger and powerfully built man sitting
just across the card table.

    “I’m not done just yet” the big man said and he looked over his hand with the cold eyes of a master poker player.

    Even though he had nothing in hand with a five thousand dollar payoff sitting upon the table, he was not going to give up
without a fight. The other two men in the game had already conceeded their loss, but Bruce Abbott was no ordinary player.
In fact, he was nothing but ordinary at all. With his dark, almost lifeless eyes glairing over his cards in hand, the other man
started to show little signs of stress as tiny beads of sweat began to roll off his balding forhead. Spotting this and smelling
the man’s fear, Bruce took another card and with an ever so slightly sneer, made it appear that what he pulled was a high
card when in fact it was just another two card to go with the other fives and a four. He had nothing, but his cold dead eyes
and his skillfully performed sneer made the man across from him think that he was holding the best hand of the night.

    “Go ahead, throw down boy.” the large man demaned as his opponent seemed to quiver in his seat. “Go on if you dare.”
he commanded as his sneer grew into a smile.

    The younger man looked over his cards again, it was not his best hand by far but it was higher than the man across from
him and yet he played into that his cards were less and in a moment of sheer doubt, he tossed down his cards and waited
for the big man to reveal his. A moment later, Bruce laid his cards down as the boy screamed out with anger.

    “Nice playing with you kid.” Bruce said as he reached across the table to take hold of his winner’s pot that had been
sitting less than three from him. The other players found it funny that the rich kid of Atlantic City lost to the scruffy looking
stranger that had never graced their underground card game before.

    “You’re not walking out of here with my money mister.” the young man warned.

    “Yeah, just watch me kid.” Bruce Abbott said as he stood with a handful of cash before tucking it into his jeans pocket
made his way to the door.

    After departing the Italian restaurant’s back room where the game was held, he didn’t get far in his walk to his car when
the young poker player and two of his friends showed up to confront him on the street.

    “Oh come on kid…..are we really going to do this like this.”

    “You bet your ass old man.” the boy cried out as he and his two friends grew ever nearer to Abbott.

    With a nod from their buddy, the two other young men charged Bruce with all their might. A moment later they were on
the ground crying in pain. Just then, Bruce went for the card shark himself and with just one hand, he grabbed the boy by
his jacket and lifted him up into mid-air.

    “Don’t ever again threaten me little boy, or next time I will not be so kind.” he said through a mouth full of jagged teeth as
his eyes burned red and his nose seemed to extend into that of a wolf’s muzzle.

    “I’m…..I’m sorry!” the young man cried as he was tossed to the ground as he watched Abbott walk away as he felt his
pants wet from the experience.

    A short time later as Abbott returned home, he saw a stranger standing beside his little one bedroom apartment in an old
run down building just outside of Atlantic City.

    “Who the hell are you?” Abbott asked as he withdrew his house keys.

    “My name is Dante…..John Dante.”


    “I have a job proposition for you.”

    “Job…..I have a job.”

    “What?  Being a card player and part-time goon and enforcer for the local mob boss?”

    “It’s a living.”

    “Well, I have something better for you and one that requires your very unique skills and…..well let’s just call them
abilities.” the stranger said.

    “What abilities…….busting heads for my boss?”

    “No…..more like your other power.”

    “What power?”

    “Please Mr. Abbott, you know what I mean……need I say more?”

    “Maybe so man.  Look, I just got home and want to grab a beer and go to bed.  Who are you and what the hell do you
want?” Abbott said as he opened the door to his apartment and stepped inside.

    “I know you’re a werewolf Mr. Abbott.”

    “What do you know?” the big man said with a deepened voice as his eyes turned red.

    “I know of your lycan family history.  I have personally sought you out for this assignment.”

    “Who the hell are you little man?”

    “Just someone who wishes to see you use that great power for more than just cracking heads and playing with card
scum like that kid tonight.”

    “You have been watching me?”

    “Very much so Mr. Abbott. I needed to know if you were the type of man or werewolf I am looking for.”

    “What do you want of me?”

    “Take this card and meet me in New York City in two days. All will be expland to you then.”

    “And if I don’t show?”

    “Oh, you’ll show, I know that.”

    “Oh really.”

    “See you in New York in two days Mr. Abbott.”

                                                                                                    Chapter 3

    As Abbott stepped from the cab, he looked upon the address he was given by the man who called himself Dante and was
a little surprised to discover that it was in fact nearly the tallest address in the city but one so well known.

    “Is this right……I mean, the address I gave you.” he asked the driver.

    “Oh yes, that will be fifty dollars.”

    “Here you go.” Abbott replied handing the man a fifty and closing the cars door. “I should have used Uber.” Abbott said
to himself as he looked straight up to the max height of the enormous Empire State Building, New York’s tallest skyscraper

    Once inside, he walked to the nearest elevator and waited for the doors to open. There among others standing all waiting
for the same elevator, he took note of a beautiful young woman that seemed to stand out among all others. The girl’s hair
was black as night itself and her soft lovely skin so milky white forcing her cherry lips stand out even more. Her eyes dark
and extremely hypnotic, as the exotic woman stood alone dressed in a short red dress that showed off her long slender
legs as the garment clung to her equally lean frame.

    As the doors finally opened, Abbott made sure that once they all entered, that he could take a up a position close to the
woman hopping to strike up a conversation on his long trip to the one hundredth floor

    “Hi, I’m Bruce.” he said smiling.

    “Lunar.” she said never really looking his way.

    “Is this your first time to New York?” he said trying to keep up a conversation.

    “Yes.” she only replied.

    “I’m from Atlantic City, so I’ve been here before a few times.”

    “How nice.”

    “You ah, like New York?”


    “Where are you from?”


    “Oh you know I’ve never been there, how is it?”

    “Look Mister, I don’t know you and I don’t want to. I’m just here to see about some job that someone wants to pay me for
and I’m gone okay.” she said harshly. “Not here looking for a boyfriend… it.”

    “Yeah fine, just trying to be friendly, that’s all.”

    “Well don’t bother.” she said never once looking him in the eye.

    “Cold bitch!” he mumbled under his breath just as the doors opened and the last of the people stepped off leaving Abbott
alone with the woman.

    For the rest of the ride they said nothing nor did they even as much look the others way and although the journey to the
top floor was in real time of just about a minute, it seemed more like an eternity for the pair. At last, when the doors opened,
they both stepped off at the same time bumping shoulders as they exited the elevator.

    “Do you mind?” the attractive woman said boldly.

    “No not at all…..please go ahead.” Abbott replied making a gesture with his hand for her to go ahead of him before
making a new hand gesture behind her back.

    Dropping back, Abbott walked a good ten feet behind her hoping that at some point she would turn off into one of the
many offices and be gone for good. As he followed the numbers upon each door with the information given to him by Dante,
he soon found himself standing before the very same door as the girl. He said nothing as she just rolled her eyes as the two
entered the office space with her leading just ahead of him.

    “Good, you are both here!” said a young woman behind a reception desk.

    “This is the right place…..right?” Abbott asked looking around.

    “Oh yes, you are both in the right place.” the woman said with a smile as she picked up the phone and said over the
receiver. “Both Mr. Abbott and Miss Moon are here to see you sir.”

    “Please show them in Tabitha.” a voice over the intercom replied.

    “He will see you both now.” the girl said still smiling. “Just go through that door.” she added as she buzzed the door

    “Why do I feel like we’re lambs headed for the slaughter?” Abbott said as the two made their way to the door.

    Just before entering, Lunar stopped short of the door and looked at Abbott. “Well!” she said looking up into his green

    “Ladies first.” he replied and again making a gesture for her to go first.

    “Very well dog!” she said as she opened the door and proceeded within.

    “Dog…..who you calling dog?” he replied harshly as he followed her into the next room only to find two oddly looking
figures within along with Dante.

    “Good, you are both here together, so we can make the introductions once.” Dante said as he addresses his new guests.
“So first off, do you have any questions for me?”

    “Ah yeah…..I have one.” Abbott spouted out. “What the hell are they?” pointing to the other two in the room.

    “Her name is Dockin and she’s a demon over one thousand years old and a bounty hunter for the Devil himself. He is
Cobalt and as you can see he is a Minotaur. Fifty year of age and born on the Greek island of Crete where the myth of his
kind began within the island’s network of its labyrinth.” Dante said so openly as though creatures like them were common
place in the real world.

    “Oh………okay, so why am I here?” Abbott said staring at the two creatures before him.

    “You Mr. Abbott, thirty five years old, raised in Atlantic City and you my friend are a werewolf.” Dante said.

    “I knew you were a dog!” the woman beside him spouted.

    “And you Miss Lunar Moon.” Dante added. “Real name Danica Desman, born in 1964, fifty two years old.”

    “You’re fifty two years old… look 25.” Abbott questioned.

    “What can I say, I look good for my age?” she replied running her fingers through her long black hair.

    “You were turned into a vampire in 1989 by your boyfriend, Joe London, and has gone under numerous names with most
recently that of Lunar Moon, stage name for your dance career.” Dante went on to add.

    “Okay Dante, clearly you have done your homework on us all, so what’s the story, why are we all here?” Abbott asked
just as he was cut off by the red skinned winged creature standing beside him.

    “I do not need help from a dog or blood addict!” the demon stated harshly.

    “Hey who you calling dog!”

    “You are a dog…, but who you calling blood addict you demon bitch?” Lunar belted out.

    “Dante, I was Satan’s number one bounty hunter for over a thousand years, I need no help from a werewolf or vampire.
Ask of me what you wish but these two are nothing more than low life, low level beasts not worth my time, attention nor the
same air and space from where I breathe.” Dockin said harshly as she turned her head and looked upon the werewolf and
vampire as though they were nothing more than scum under her left clawed foot.

    “Bitch you better take that back!” Lunar cried as her eyes reddened and her fangs came to bare.
In response, the demon flared open her wings and withdrew the dagger she held upon her left hip. “Make the first move
blood sucker!” she cried.

    “Enough of this…..I must have you both on the same page. Dockin, I need Lunar and Abbott just as much as I need you
and Cobalt as part of this team.” Dante shouted before the two creatures went to battle in the middle of his office.

    “Okay Dante……why are we all here?” Abbott asked trying to get to the root of his being there.

    “I have assembled this precise grouping because of your special skills, powers and abilities.” Dante started to say. “I
need…..for a lack of better word……creatures such as yourselves to help me fight an evil wizard who wishes to harm the
human race.” He went on to add looking over his party with utmost sincere in his blue eyes.

    “What wizard, what are you talking about Dante?” Abbott asked looking over the beings beside him in the room.

    “His name is Matrix…..Ryan Matrix, a former partner of mine in the study of the magical arts.” Dante told his party. “He
and I were part of a special training program by our U.S. Government to build a task force of enchanted warriors with
supernatural powers to combat the enemies of our country.”

    “Okay, go on.” Abbott encouraged.

    “Very few of us truly were able to do anything other than maybe move an object such as a baseball from one end of a
table to the other side, most could not even do that much. In the end, the program was scrubbed altogether because of any
real lack of magical powers shown by any of the recruits. Only two however, Matrix and I did show signs of true command
over the unexplained and supernatural. Even though the program was over at that point, one of the doctors working with us
took Matrix and me aside and worked with us on his own trying to see what could really be done with true, real magic. In the
end, he and I were able to control time and space in a way that we could conjure up things from nothing at all, but using the
atmosphere and the invisible energy that flows through it to bring forth objects.”

    “You mean like objects like cups and balls and things?” Lunar asked.

    “Yes and so much more. Over time, we could create fire out of thin air by heating the surrounding atmosphere around us.
We had a command of people too, we could make people seem to float and lift other objects as well. Sometimes we could
even change things from one thing to another such as an apple into an apple pie if we wanted too. My power was still limited
but Matrix was able to control so much more at his command.  He took the art of magic to all new degrees of amazing. He
was even able to raise dead lab rats and bring them back to life. It was getting to the point that he could do almost anything
he wished. And that was the problem.”

    “How so?” asked the immensely powerful looking Cobalt as he stood with his war hammer in hand.

    “With that much power, it all went to his head, didn’t it Dante?” Abbott called out.

    “Yes, precisely Mr. Abbott. Matrix started to think of himself as a god and that all the world should bow down to him.

    Because of this, he was removed from the program altogether and now five years later he has resurfaced and planning to
start a war with humanity. Only I know of his power and what he can do with it. I tried to talk to the authorities but the CIA
only denounced that the program even existed because it was so hush hush.  Very few even knew about it.”

    “But what about the doctors that were working with you?” Lunar questioned.

    “One by one Matrix had them killed.”

    “No one saw that as being a little odd?” Dockin asked.

    “No because he made them all seem like accidents or natural causes like car wrecks and heart attacks. In the end, he’s
out there and there is no one to stop him but us.”

    “Us… in the five of us?”

    “Yes Mr. Abbott.  This is why I have searched for just the right people to call upon to help me track down and stop Matrix
before he brings the world to its knees.”

    “Well….I wouldn’t call some of these things here people.” Abbott said smugly.

    “I should tear out your throat dog man.” Dockin roared.

    “Please, you have to put aside your feelings for each other and learn to work together. We must stop Matrix before he
raises an army of the dead and tries to take over the world, because with his power and mental state he could do just that.”
Dante begged.

    “So why us than?” Abbott questioned.

    “Because you four know of the supernatural world hidden all around us. Humanity has no clue to what’s really out there.
I need powerful beings such as you to help me combat this threat and keep it contained so that the outside world never
finds out about it.” Dante told his group. “I need strong warriors of the supernatural kind to fight with me and put an end to
Matrix’s conquest for good. He must be stopped and I cannot do it alone. I need a fierce team of ferocious fighters and you
four are of who I have chosen to work with me.”

    “But why us?”

    “Good question Miss Moon, because you four have shown despite your supernatural outlook, a display for good. You
Miss Moon only hurt evil people for their blood, you Mr. Abbott have never taken a life and our big friend Cobalt here comes
from a long line of Minotaur warriors who clashed side by side with the ancient Greeks to help them battle their enemies
though it was lost to main stream history.”

    “So then, where do I fit into this little team Dante?” the demon questioned her very need to be there. “I have worked
directly for the Devil himself, I have no redeeming past to speak of.”

    “No Dockin you do not but however it’s your future that I am thinking about. You were Satan’s bounty hunter, you know
how to track magical and supernatural beasts. Your skill and strength are what will make this team work to its fullest.

    Besides, even though you may have worked for the Devil, you never harmed a human and only hunted evil escaped
souls from the underworld. You my dear, are not evil.”

    “Tell that to my ex-mother in law.” Dockin said with a smile.

    “Okay maybe you have your Knight Creatures Mr. Dante… what now?” Lunar said looking over her fellow monsters.

    “Using this office as our home and base of operations, we start training together Miss Moon.” Dante said with a smile.

    “Yeah, but what if I don’t want any part of this?” Abbott said backing up in the room as though he was about to walk out.

    “And go back to what Mr. Abbott, playing cards with the mob and beating up people for loan sharks. Is that a life you
really want to go back too? And you Miss Moon, do you want to shake you assets forever?” Dante questioned the two.

    “Well at least she will never get too old to shake her ass.” Abbott said smugly.

    “Shut up dog, I can speak for myself!” Lunar belted out. “Okay Dante, I’m in with or without the dog.”

    “You know what…..okay, I’m in too.” Abbott said giving the vampire a dirty look. “Hey, so what does this gig pay

                                                                                                 End of Episode 1
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